Japanese Legends : Cars & Coffee Edition

Japanese Legends : Cars & Coffee Edition

It has been a long time since I had to wake up so early to go shoot an event. It was even more difficult since I decided not to be the smartest person in the world  and went clubbing in Roppongi the night before (that in itself is a whole different story). ANYWHO, once every 1st or 2nd Sunday of the month, the Tsutaya T-site parking lot in Daikanyama comes alive with crowds of car enthusiasts wanting to see what cars people have to bring out to show and tell. Normally these events have a theme behind them and this Sunday was no exception. This Sunday’s theme was the legendary Toyota 2000 GT. Therefore when my alarm started blaring at 6:00 am, I knew I  had no other choice but to get up, grab my equipment, and head towards Daikanyama. I had no idea what kind of treat I was in for.DSC03812-2
Around 20 minutes later I arrived at the incredibly small parking lot in Daikanyama and was grinning from ear to ear. Not only was there a sea of 2000 GT’s, but tons of rare classic cars everywhere. This was normally not the sight I get to see when I am out shooting coverage’s or magazine features, however, I knew with this kind of line up that this was going to be a great Sunday morning even if I was still slightly hung over.DSC03647
It’s only right to start off with the Toyota 2000 GT. I have never seen this car in person and only read about Toyota’s most sought after classic vehicle and here I was, staring at rows of these beautiful classics.DSC03741

Some of the owners brought pictures of their cars showing some of their restoration processes.  It was simply mind blowing to see all the work they put into their cars and how they looked now.DSC03663
Just around the corner of the GT’s was what one would call the first production sports car for Toyota: The 800 Sports. It is rumored that only around 10% of these still remain and with the bulk of that percentage in Japan. What a treat!DSC03857-2

Another sought out car to appear at this amazing event was this beautiful 4 door Hakosuka. With such classic styling and history, its no wonder why it is still loved by millions.DSC03833
The great thing about this event was that it was not only limited to Japanese classic. Classic cars from all over the world had made their way in to the heart of these Japanese enthusiast and in turn, brought them to the event. For example, this beautiful Ferrari 328 GTB.DSC03788
This BMW 2002 tii and Porsche 356 SC came representing some of the classic cars out of Germany.DSC03853
I remember reading about the Porsche 356 as a kid so it was pretty amazing to actually see one up close in person. Especially seeing this is the 911’s predecessor.DSC03727
Another car I remember seeing while watching Top gear was the Austin-Healey.DSC03731
Laughing at Clarkson trying to fit in such a tiny car and now seeing one up close and myself being somewhat tall, I can now imagine the ‘fun’ he had driving something of this size.DSC03866
Then when I thought I had seen it all, this MASSIVE Bentley shows up creating quite the spectical as it made incredible wide turns and multiple attempts to park in the small parking spots.DSC03779
This Lancia Deltona, sporting the Martini Racing colors, was jut the beginning of the wide variety of cars that was to show up to this event. It may have been listed as a 2000 GT event, but all types of cars came out to play and enjoy the Sunday morning crisp air.DSC03673
A group of Caterhams had showed up and parked behind the 2000 GTs. I have always loved these cars and still waiting for the day when I can blast around in one of them.DSC03679
Speaking of blasting around, this race ready Lotus sporting a ‘fully loaded’ interior caught my attention as soon as I had made it to the event.DSC03683

I wanted to find out more about his car, but I could not find the owner and with the event only lasting 2 hours, I could not waste any time.DSC03696
This being Japan, you are bound to see something slightly different than what you are use too. This car sporting only ‘Rocket’ badges had me scratching my head. Even more mind blowing was the fact there were TWO of them.DSC03732
Some more modern cars also made their way to the event as well such as the hakosuka’s newer counterpart, the R35 GT-R. Both are beautiful and amazing cars, but which one would you have? What a tough choice.DSC03794-2
Speaking of tough choices, here is another one for you. Would you have this 458, or the GT3? Italian or German?DSC03818
As the time faded away and regular customers started to flood the area, I knew that waking up and coming here was well worth the struggle. I have always wanted to see some of Japan’s finest classics and this event far exceeded any expectations I had. I wonder what next month has in store for me.

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