Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 Bonus Chapter: Only In Japan (日本だけ)

Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 Bonus Chapter: Only In Japan (日本だけ)

I could not fully close out my coverage of Tokyo Auto Salon with out throwing in a little bonus chapter I call ‘Only in Japan‘ or (日本だけ). As the title suggest, and what many of us already know about Japan, there are just somethings that you will only find in the land of the rising sun. From the amazing to the down right W.T.F, you can find it all here. While covering TAS for Performance Tuner Magazine, I was able to stroll around and just see some of the crazy things Japan has to offer.DSC04421
Some companies have gotten into the idea or have already been modifying Kei cars. For those who don’t know, a Kei car are incredibly light and normally incredibly small vehicles that are pretty popular in Japan. the Kei car that takes the first price in crazyness is the ‘Hello Special’ Kei car pickup truck. Wide fenders, bright pink body paint and Lambo doors just screams ‘ Only In Japan’.DSC04348
Speaking of hot pink, I was able to run into this Lamborghini Aventador Roadster by Squalo Japan.DSC04349
I guess they said being a Roaster just  wasn’t good enough.. Nor was the bright pink color. They decided that it needed to have the Bull ‘bejazzled’ on the hood. Well….?DSC04447
Back on to the theme of Kei cars, Daihatsu asked tuners to come up with some their rendition of a modified Kei car. Here are three versions that grabbed my attention the most. First we have this HKS time attack version.DSC04639
A what I could assume Grand Touring version of a Kei car also grabbed my attention. It actually reminds me of a Nissan 350Z or Nissan 370Z. I still can’t make up my mind but I know you can see what I’m talking about.DSC04636
Finally, a ‘VIP’ looking rendition also caught my eye and the eye of passers. The nice flush fitting, low stance and set of wheels along with that body kit breaths a whole new life into what normally is a lifeless car.
That isn’t chrome wrapping your looking at. It is ARTIS 3D Ultimate Engraving Metal Paint from the master minds of Kuhl racing.DSC04604
It took 3 people around the clock a entire month to add all the detail work and patterns to the paint. The level of detail is absolutely absurd and is just one of those creations that you have to see in person to fully appreciate the craftsmanship.DSC04467
We have a simple and eco friendly Nissan Leaf that was tricked out by Obayashi Factory Car and Audio Center to the point where the thing looks more like a spaceship with a BANGING ass stereo. They even added Lambo doors with the rear doors going in the opposite direction.DSC04601
Kuhl racing, as mentioned before with the GT-R, went with a few headlamp modification, wrapped the whole thing, added some Aero parts and then slammed this Prius. Ok.. that’s not too bad.DSC04271
Active Motoring however, took light tuning to a whole different level by sticking LED lights almost any spot that seemed like a logical, or, illogical location. The car honestly looked like it could have came directly out of the movie TRON. However,  it shows how far LED lights have come and how light tuning will probably begin to play a larger part in the car scene in the foreseeable future.DSC04270
Yah, straight out of OF Customs garage … I don’t even have a comment for this. 日本だけ. So.. What are yal thoughts? Would you rock it?DSC04424
Finally, I feel like a few pictures of some models would be a good note to end the chapter on. TAS is deffiently not only about the cars and parts, but the girls as well.DSC04547-2
I heard that there was a large percentage of guys that come to TAS just  for taking pictures of the girls, but I had NO idea how true this statement was.DSC04532
If you wanted to take a picture of the car and there happened to be a model around the car, forget it. Men would just swarm the car as if it was the first time they ever seen a women before and just sit and take pictures until the model left or switched out with another girl. This was however, very interesting to watch as a ‘spectator’ sport.

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