Tokyo Auto Salon 2015: Chapter 2

Tokyo Auto Salon 2015: Chapter 2

This being an event mainly focused on ‘modifying’ cars, you would think that there would be a strong presence of Hondas. After all, most people think of ‘Civics’ when they hear the word modified or tuner. However, interestingly enough, there just didn’t seem to be a strong presence of Hondas or crazy builds at TAS.DSC04300
M&M racing brought out their S2000 and added some insane overfenders. This car looks absolutely beastly with the overfenders and squats nicely to the ground without having any crazy negative camber.DSC04304
Trust me, there was enough cars with that to make up for it.DSC04536
Apparently after continually just owning TAS for a few years in a row, Miruasan at Rocket Bunny decided that he would take a little break for TAS. That being said, there was still a few cars lurking around for the show and one of them being a beautiful red candy painted NSX.DSC04505
Also making its appearances was Keihinsan’s NSX Concept-GT for the Super GT 500 racing class. With the revealing of the next generation NSX, it was pretty cool to get to see this car up close. Honda went pretty insane with the headlights but I’m actually a fan of them. What do you think?DSC04147
With the Stance and VIP movement still incredibly popular, there was a large amount of shops working on Lexus builds and brought them out to show off during the TAS event. Jumping at this opportunity is a company called T-Demand which brought out fleet of stanced Lexus fully loaded with their suspension components.DSC04144
When it comes to quality components and parts, T-Demand does not mess around. Everything is so beautifully done and it shows in their line up of cars. If you’re ever of thinking of owning a Lexus or currently own one and the stance or VIP route is your end game, take note.DSC04150
My favorite of the three cars had to be their Lexus RC300h but honestly, I loved all three of them.DSC04429
Novel, a company specializing in Lexus performance parts and AERO also had the brand new Lexus RC F on display. The car was quite beautiful in stock form in my opinion, however, after Novel got their hands on it, they truly created a beautiful looking machine.DSC04517
Unlike the Novel’s RC F, which just sits ‘just’ right and doesn’t have insane negative camber, the boys at 326 Power  gladly rose to the challenge of taking stance to a ‘different’ level. I know there are gonna be readers that are going to see their Lexus RC and go ‘WTF’ but I mean… just LOOK at the thing.DSC04620
When I say this thing just grabs your attention, I think this was one of the few cars that even with a model around it, the car still shined. Even with the insane amount of onikyan they run on their builds, it’s something that will just always be a show stopper. Get use to it ladies and gentlemen because  I don’t think this style of JDM car culture is planning on disappearing anytime soon.DSC04264
Finally, I managed to stumble upon a battle scarred 24hr Nurburgring LFA in the midst of it all at TAS. All the dents, and scratches tell a story of how gruesome and demanding a 24hr race can really be. Factor in the fact its the Nurburgring as well and man what a ride that must have been!DSC04579
Zoom- Zoom. Ok on a serious note, when you think about modifying cars and combined that with the word ‘Mazda’ your mind automatically goes to the Rx 7, maybe the Rx 8 and the Miata’s. What I was not expecting was to run into was this Mazda Atenza sitting on new Variance wheels from the RAYS’ Versus line. Something you can go to the supermarket and grab a months worth of  groceries, drop the kids off to school and still be proud of what you drive.

Once again, 326 Power got a hold of an Rx 8 and applied the same treatment as their RC F. Again, absolutely insane, but just doesn’t steal the attention quite like the RC.DSC04125
A company called K.R.C Japan is known for making some pretty insane creations. Their insane creations include everything from interior design, apparel design, and car design.  Their white Rx 7 is no exception with a radical Aero kit and dual split intercooler makes the car almost look like a entire different vehicle.DSC04354
Car Shop Glow were showing off their cool custom tail lights on their time attack FD. You may have seen these lights floating around on some Rx 7’s in the Mayday Garage crew out in Houston, Texas. Turns out this is where they get them from and continuously works closely with the mastermind behind the creations.DSC04356
Sidenote, besides being an incredible time attack car, this FD is road legal!

Well, you have to remove a few of the Aero parts in the front and rear, but besides that, its legal. It even comes with a working aftermarket radio. How boss is that?

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