Tokyo Auto Salon 2015: The Final Chapter

Tokyo Auto Salon 2015: The Final Chapter

If you’re a fan of GT-R’s and lets face it, who really isn’t, you have come to the right place! I had to purposely remind myself that I had more than enough GT-R coverage from TAS. However, as soon as I would turn a corner, I would see yet another GT-R and just start gravitating towards it. It was literally like a kid walking around a candy shop going ‘OH a piece of candy! OHH another piece of candy!’.DSC04665

Valenti was showing off some of their custom LED light work on one of Liberty Walk’s GT-R.DSC04260
Top Secret and JUN also brought out their rendition of their R35 GT-R as well as a company called Bold World. It was simply amazing how they are the exact same cars at first, and then how COMPLETELY different they turn out after being in the hands of a tuning company.DSC04242
JUN was going with a more settle and less aggressive approach where as Top Secret just screams aggressive and is all go.DSC04436
Bold World was going for the Stanced and flush look. Which of the three looks would you go for?DSC04097
I managed to stumble upon a few R34 and even  a Nissan Stagea or the ‘ Wagon R34’. It’s a pity that when they were in production, that they were only sold in the Japanese market. Then again, I wonder how many Americans really would have bought it.DSC04296
Taking a quick step away from all the GT-R’s and Skylines, there were of course a bunch  drift cars on display. One of the cars that caught my attention was Origin Labo’s Nissan 180SX driven by Kazuya Bai in the D1 competition.  I’m not sure if it was the massive smoking skull on the hood of their car or the interesting looking LED headlight conversion, but something about this car just screams ‘cool’ to me.DSC04285
Another car just a few feet away from Origin Labo’s 180SX was Star Road’s beautiful S30 Fairlady. The masterminds at Star Roads went with the widebody look but yet were still able to keep some of the classic lines of the old Z that everyone fell in love with. The car is still in the working phases so be on the look out for more information on this Z to come.DSC04239
Besides the sea of BRZ that the tuning companies decided to work on, just like Honda, there really was not much to see in the Subaru department. However, the cars that did grab my attention, really grabbed my attention. As mention in the Nissan section, JUN had brought out their BRZ to show.DSC04241
I remember going to his shop a while back last year (Can Read HERE) and seeing his BRZ. Back then however, it didn’t have what can only be described as two kawasaki engines mated together creating a light weight 2.4L V8 engine that revs all the way to 11,000 RPM. Yeah, they went there and man does it sound amazing!DSC04361
Just as Lexus had their LFA, Subaru had their 24hr 2015 Nurburgring Impreza. This STI is Subaru’s way of saying that they are not playing around and are ready for this years race. They have added a massive front splitter, canards, rear fenders that are squared off and what I’m going to assume is the biggest spoiler ever placed on an Impreza and still be functional.DSC04115
Along with the sea of BRZ’s, there was an absolute ridiculous amount of FRS’s / GT86. It was almost to the point of how many GT-R’s I was running into. So the two favorite ones I decided to write about were the Welds and Aireal Auto Works GT 86. You have probably already seen coverage of Weld’s FRS but the attention to detail warrants more coverage.DSC04109
The  guys at Weld settle for nothing less than perfection and it shows in the amount of how much detail is done to the car. Even the fenders are custom fabricated metal work that can only be made by hand and molded into the desire results.DSC04107
The engine bay wasn’t left untouched either and gleams of the obsession to detail shows here as well. All the way to the to the mini Work Wheel that looks like a belt pulley holder.DSC04322
The Aireal Auto works GT86 was probably one of the most interesting looking 86’s. The graphical detail done can only be said to mimic the level of bodywork detail of Weld’s FRS.DSC04318
Designer Kenji Ito wanted the car to have some reminisce of the warrior spirit back to the kamikaze fighter pilots of WWII and I believe you would agree with me that the warrior spirit shines all throughout the car.DSC04307
It’s even more amazing when looking at the other GT86’s and even the classic Hachi Roku parked near by, how different their design are. I’m especially a fan of the old school finder mirrors.DSC04278
You can’t talk about Toyotas without talking about Supras and the mother of all Supras was present at TAS. I’m of course talking about Top Secrets V12 Twin Turbo MkIV Supra. The 1,000hp monster that Smoky created a few years back was sitting in the the legendary car section and it was just as cool as I remember reading about all those years ago.DSC04104
Speaking of Toyota’s and a car you can’t forget, Fatlace and Weld teamed up to create this monster. JZX 100 Mark IIDSC04101
As it would seem with anything WELD touches, the attention to detail is at a level above obsession. That MASSIVE GReddy turbo  also helps, because turbo’s just make everything better… right?DSC04291
Overall, Tokyo Auto Salon was an incredible event, especially for my first time ever going. From all the cars ranging from insane modified Exotics, the brand new parts just waiting for you to spend your paycheck(s) on, all the way to the guys chasing the models around trying to take pictures or get some video action. TAS is just one of those events that you MUST experience for yourself. Just go ahead and save that money for the plane tickets, and come join me at next years event :)

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