That Magical Place Called Daikokufuto

That Magical Place Called Daikokufuto

If you don’t know already, Daikokufuto is one of those historical, famous, and downright crazy location near Yokohama. It’s actually a little island that is for all purpose sake, a industrial playground. In the middle of this island lies in all its glory the parking lot. Well, I guess I should mention a few things about this ‘glorious’ parking lot. The first, it’s actually a trucker stop that car enthusiast have been meeting at for years (if not decades). The second, you must have a car to get inside and your must go on the crazy bridge that circles around the parking lot (trust me, this is speaking from multiple failed experiences). It may seem pretty troublesome to get to this parking lot but I promise you, its alllll worth it. Lamborghini_213Motoring_Murcelago4_Daikokufuto
Early last month, Daikokufuto was well alive to ring in the New Years and I just happen to be there with my camera ;) You never know what your going to find when you come to Daikokufuto and this day was no expectation. Ferrari_Enzo_Pink_CarGuy_Daikokufuto
Especially when the group Car Guy decided to come on though with all their super cars. If you have not heard of Car Guy, then let me ask you a question. Have you seen the picture of a F40 in the middle of a camp site? Yah.. That’s one of the members. I guess just as crazy, we have a nice and pink Ferrari Enzo from their group. Definitely dig the homage to its Italian roots in the side mirrors.Lamborghini_213Motoring_Murcelago2_Daikokufuto
213 Motoring brought out one of their Murcielagos out for the car meet. Lamborghini_213Motoring_Murcelago3_Daikokufuto
I think what really makes this car special, besides the custom body work done to it, is their custom Disney sticker.Lamborghini_213Motoring_Murcelago_Daikokufuto
I know I said Disney, but this is one bad ass Mickey Mouse. Whoever designed this.. Job Well Done! Lamborghini_Countach_Classic_DaikokufutoI’ve always had a special spot in my heart for Lamborghini’s, especially the classic ones. I was one of those kids who grew up with posters of the Countach and Diablo hanging on my wall. So when I was actually able to see some in person… well… it was like meeting your childhood hero.Lamborghini_Diablo_Dog_Classic_daikokufuto
This Diablo had a nice guard dog to make sure no one would come around and take it for a joy ride.Lamborghini_Countach_Classic_Daikokufuto2
This Black Countach had parked a little bit away from all the action, but once I saw it pull up and park, I knew I had to go capture it.I always had a hard time picking between the Diablo and the Countach for ‘which car I would buy when I got older’ and I still honestly don’t know. Maybe I’ll do a feature on which ever I buy when it comes to it ;) Lamborghini_Diablo_Morohoshi_Classic_daikokufuto
Speaking of Diablos, There are not many Lamborghini’s that standout more than the Lamborghini’s in Morohoshi’s crew. He has become pretty much an Internet celebrity and his crazy Lambo’s take Japan to that next level of ‘ONLY in Japan’. Such a crazy style but its so unique that you can only admire it (IMO). Lamborghini_CarGuy_Transformer_Daikokufuto
Another Lamborghini from Morohoshi’s group is this bright, tron looking orange Gallardo convertible. Was able to get it while it was ‘transforming’ McClaren_P1_Hypercar_Daikokufuto
The big show stopper at this event had to be when this beautiful P1 showed up from Car Guy’s group. McClaren_P1_Hypercar_Daikokufuto2
When I mean this car PULLS  attention, it literally caused everyone to stop what they were doing and go directly to this car. Can you really blame us though? McClaren_P1_Hypercar_Daikokufuto3
The amount of work, engineering, technological breakthroughs that went into this car is absolutely absurd. Just like its absurd price of around 1.6 million USD.. That being said, if anyone who is reading this and has one they want a photo shoot, please  contact me!Toyota_Hachiroku_Panda_daikokufuto 
Shameless begging aside, after the super exoitc had left, I was once again able to walk among the cars that were still remaning. One of them was this Panda Hachi Roku. Toyota_Hachiroku_Flares2_daikokufuto
This has to be one of the coolest old school hachi rokus that has recently started to spring up on the internet. Toyota_Hachiroku_Flares_daikokufuto
Wide body, flares and slammed on some Work Wheels. Yep, I’m a fan. Hopefully, I can get another look at this beauty before its shipped back State side. Toyota_Super_Lucent_Classic_Daikokufuto
Just as I thought the gathering was coming to a close, round two kicked in. Sitting around and being patient had finally paid off. It start with a group of classics rolling through for a little bit. This Super Lucent is one of them. Nissan_Skyline_hakosuka_Daikokufuto
Then, it was time for the Skylines and man did the come in droves! It was like being at the Car’s and Coffee event for 2000GTs but with Hakosuka’s. Skyline_HakoSuka_Nissan_GTR_Daikokufuto
I don’t think I have ever seen so many Hakosuka’s let alone so many in one spot. Some to look out of factory while others had hints of their owners taste in them. Nissan_Skyline_Classics_GTR_Daikokufuto
If you have around 10,000,000円 (~100,000 USD) on you and you just gotta spend it, this second generation GT-R is for sale. Skyline_HakoSuka_Nissan_GTR_Daikokufuto2
Even though the heart of this car was made anywhere from 1969 to 1984, it still looks pretty amazing. Straight 6 with Carbs… Check Nissan_Skyline_hakosuka_Daikokufuto2
This was a fantastic way to bring in the New Years and hopefully I can continue to bring you amazing coverage from the events that happen at this wonderful parking lot. If you ever find yourself in Tokyo and have a car / ride, it’s definitely worth the trip!

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