Mobara Adventures: Project Mu

Mobara Adventures: Project Mu

Have you ever thought that you had everything planned out for a trip just to completely F it up? I was planning on going to Mobara Circuit to take some pictures and see if I could meet some new people or shops. I had the train schedule planned out, bus routes and even went to sleep early so I could wake up at the crack of dawn. Little did I know, Murphy’s Law had other plans for me that morning. Once I got to Mobara, I caught the bus which I thought was going to the next destination closest to the circuit. After 20 mins of riding around, I realized that I read something wrong and had to return back to Mobara to try again. That is when I noticed that the frequency of the correct bus was around every 2 hours… So much for that. However, I was determined not to let Murphy win this one.Acura_Honda_RSX_Integera_Mobara2
That was when after exploring Mobara for a couple of hours, I stumbled upon this Acura RSX Type S ( Honda Integra Type S) around a Home Improvement store. Acura_Honda_RSX_Integera_MobaraProject Mu stickers were posted all over the car which lead me to think that it was a car group around the area, however, after searching around on the internet.. I found nothing.Acura_Honda_RSX_Integera_Mobara3Definite a big anime fan though (which is pretty cool :) )Acura_Honda_RSX_Integera_Mobara4Bonus points to anyone knows who these characters are because.. I honestly have no idea >.<Suzuki_Swift_Mobora
So after wondering around without much successes I decided to call it quits and head to the nearest train station. As I approached the station, this bright yellow car just stood out among all the other cars in the rocky parking lot.Suzuki_Swift_Mobora4
This little thing is called a Suzuki Swift and surprise surprise, Project Mu stickers were posted on this car as well.
This is a very interesting platform to want and modify but to each is own right?Suzuki_Swift_Mobora3
So my take on Mobara.. It is a really small town out in the country side and surprisingly, not a lot of modified cars were out there. However, there is a group (I believe) called Project Mu roaming around in Mobara. So, If any of the Project Mu members see this.. Whats up!

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