Nagoya Auto Trend: Backstage Access

Nagoya Auto Trend: Backstage Access

How many times have you ever tried taking pictures at a car show and the crowds just got in the way? No matter how many times you tried to get  people to notice you, no matter what technique you use (such as using a big ass lens shade even though your indoors) , all the way to having your friends try and block people from getting in your shot, someone will ALWAYS walk right in front of you just as you pull the trigger. YES you could use a smaller lens and of course I do, however, it only helps so much. It’s like people have a 6th sense to waltz right into your shot just as you got the perfect angle. I recently experienced this at Tokyo Auto Salon ( which if you haven’t read yet, you can start from chapter one HERE *dont worry, I’ll wait :) * ) Even with the ability to go during “press coverage day” they still allowed people to pay extra money and join the press.TOKYO_TUNER_NAGOYA_MAZDA_RX7_NISSAN_350Z
The best way around this is to somehow be allowed access the day before the show, when everyone is still setting up. This way,you have all the time to position yourself and not have to worry about people getting in your way. Well, thanks to the great people at Aireal Autoworks (Full Garage Feature Coming Soon) this became a possibility! Thus, ladies and gentlemen, I present you the backstage access of Nagoya Auto Trend 2015TOKYO_TUNER_AUDI_TT-GARAGEILL_GECKO8
I started my free range exhibition in the main arena since that is where Aireal Auto Works booth was set up. Here is where I was able to meet Akira Matsuura and his fleet of Audi TT’s from Garage ILL Co.TOKYO_TUNER_AUDI_TT-GARAGEILL_GECKO6Akira-san and his team from Osaka specialise in providing some unique and custom modifications.TOKYO_TUNER_AUDI_TT-GARAGEILL_GECKO5
This year, Akira-san brought along with him three different and very unique Audi TT’s all ranging from nice and simple modificationsTOKYO_TUNER_AUDI_TT-GARAGEILL_GECKO3
to this INCREDIBLY wide TT. I mean… compared to the other 2 TT’s Akira-san brought with him, this thing is just simply massiveTOKYO_TUNER_AUDI_TT-GARAGEILL_GECKO9Running AccuAir system and this custom rear wheel body panel which completely encases  the tires definitely puts it as one of the most unique Audi’s I’ve ever seen.TOKYO_TUNER_NISSAN_SKYLINE_R32_BODY_FACTORY_KOIZUMI2
As I continued to roam around in the main arena, cars were still driving in from all over Japan. Some people were so dedicated (or crazy enough) that the spent hours driving just to show off their cars and their hard work getting them to their current state.TOKYO_TUNER_NISSAN_SILVIA_S15_DRIFT
The owner of this S15 for example, drove 8 hours in this exact configuration (because its static) all the way to this event. Would you do the same?TOKYO_TUNER_NISSAN_SILVIA_S15_DREAM_WORKSAnother perfect example of some serious dedication is in the form of Keita Kikuchi’s static S15TOKYO_TUNER_NISSAN_SILVIA_S15_DREAM_WORKS3
Apart of the 326 power crew and DreamWorks, this car has been an internet sensation for some..well.. obvious reasons.TOKYO_TUNER_NISSAN_SILVIA_S15_DREAM_WORKS2
With the stance game being the popular trend still well into 2015, its no wonder why Keita-sans car still hugely popular. I mean, just look at it! TOKYO_TUNER_NISSAN_370Z_OKUBO_FACTORY2Okubo Factory Histyle body design brought one of their 350Z’s to Nagoya Auto TrendTOKYO_TUNER_NISSAN_370Z_OKUBO_FACTORYRacing canards, bolt on over fenders, and ‘strategically’ placed orange accents help make this Z33 standout among the other Z’s at the event.TOKYO_TUNER_MAZDA_RX7_FD4
Just then, a group of FD’s rolled into the main arena so I waited till they parked and got set up before quickly proceeding to this white Rx7 which looks like it came straight out of Initial D.TOKYO_TUNER_MAZDA_RX7_FD5Racing canards, front splitter, massive rear diffuser and a slightly wider aero for some extra meaty tires.TOKYO_TUNER_MAZDA_RX7_FD6
The five spoke SSR’s help pull this look all together. I really wouldn’t mind spending some extra up close and personal time with this FDTOKYO_TUNER_MAZDA_RX7_FD
This FD also has a nice ‘lets go racing’ attitude about it. So, without knowing the power figures and other important stats, which one would you choose to blast around Tsukuba Circuit?DSC05275Because turbo’s just make everything better ;)TOKYO_TUNER_NISSAN_SKYLINE_GTR_HAKOSUKA_ROADSTAR
Just a few paces away from the FD’s, Rocky Auto brought not only 1, but TWO of their KPGC110- GTR’s (Nissan Skyline’s) to the show.TOKYO_TUNER_NISSAN_SKYLINE_GTR_HAKOSUKA_ROADSTAR2
It doesn’t matter how many times I encounter these, I’m still amazed of how beautiful they look.TOKYO_TUNER_NISSAN_SKYLINE_GTR_HAKOSUKA_ROADSTAR3
It’s no wonder that these cars are and will continue to be automotive classics.TOKYO_TUNER_NISSAN_SKYLINE_GTR_HAKOSUKA_ROADSTAR4
With all the touches and extra detail that Rocky Auto adds to the C110 Kenmery, it be great to get a more in depth look at it. For example, lets see what is powering this classical monster. TOKYO_TUNER_NISSAN_SKYLINE_R35_AUTO_ACTIVE_GARAGE
Fast forward a few decades from the C110 and we have the new GTR, or the R35.TOKYO_TUNER_NISSAN_SKYLINE_R35_AUTO_ACTIVE_GARAGE2
Auto Active Garage brought out their version of Godzilla out to Nagoya’s Auto TrendTOKYO_TUNER_HOOD_ART_SAMURAI
Side note** The level of detail and work that went into this is pretty amazing. Just hang it from a wall, call it art, and watch as it instantly adds cool points to your house or apartments living room**TOKYO_TUNER_GLOSS_FACTORY_SCION_FRS
Back to cars, It seems that overfenders and wide body kits tend to be the fashion trend of the year so far.TOKYO_TUNER_GLOSS_FACTORY_SCION_FRS2
Goss Factory’s Scion FRS is another prime example of this trend. Especially on the FRS/BRZ/GT86. Done correctly however, and I can see why it’s so popularTokyo_Tuner_Lexus_RCF_VIP_326POWER
326 Power’s Lexus RC-F made another special appearance at Nagoya Auto Trend.Tokyo_Tuner_Lexus_RCF_VIP_326POWER2
I talked a little about this car in the Tokyo Auto Salon Coverage (which you can read HERE), however this time, I was able spend some up close and crowd free time with it.Tokyo_Tuner_Lexus_RCF_VIP_326POWER3
Just looking from this from behind gives a nice impression of how insane this cars camber is. Also, it is static..very..very.. static.TOKYO_TUNER_WHEELS_LEXANILeaving the main arena to the smaller ones, I was able to see some of the companies still setting up for the next days grand opening.TOKYO_TUNER_SETUP_REAL
I never would have guessed so much effort went into staging areas. Interesting to see some of the extra work that goes into making a successful showTOKYO_TUNER_BOUZOUZOKU
Who doesn’t love the crazy and ‘rebellious’ antics of the Bousouzoku? It was pretty cool to some shakotan and kyusha kai style up close, watch them setting up their booth at the show and watching them doing what they do best outside the arena.. make noise and doing massive burnoutsTOKYO_TUNER_KTRUCK_HELLO_SPECIAL_51-10Another look at some pretty awesome looking K-Trucks from Hello Special and 51-10 Slim Bomber.Tokyo_Tuner_Lexus_ISF_VIP_AIMGAINAimgain also brought their Lexus IS F to Nagoya Auto Trend.Tokyo_Tuner_Lexus_ISF_VIP_AIMGAIN2
I wasn’t able to get a good picture of the IS F at Tokyo Auto Salon, however, this time around I was able to get some quality pictures this time.Tokyo_Tuner_Lexus_ISF_LexonAnother interesting Lexus comes from the mind of Lexon. Again, the trend of widen, bolt on overfenders was used and you know what, I’m kinda digging it…TOKYO_TUNER_AIREAL_AUTO_WORKS_ZEROFIGHTER_SCION_FRS
Stay tuned for part two of Nagoya Auto Trend coverage and a full feature of this amazing Scion FRS from the minds of Zero Fighter and Aireal Auto Works.

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