An American Classic Found In The Heart of Japan: Carroll Shelby Edition

An American Classic Found In The Heart of Japan: Carroll Shelby Edition

I wonder if Carroll Shelby ever thought that one of his beautiful 1967 GT500 Super Snakes Fastbacks would end up in Japan. I know I sure as hell didn’t think one would end up in Japan let alone that I would ever see one in person. So you can imagine my surprise when arriving to Nagoya to cover Aireal Auto Works and Zero Fighters Scion FRS (IK-A01) collaboration work [ WHICH if you have not read, you can follow THIS link to the full article coverage] to find another car under wraps. CEO and head Designer Kenji Ito with a grin asked me if I wanted to see his ‘special’ toy and of course, I had to say yes. TOKYO_TUNER_AIREAL_AUTOWORKS_FORD_COBRA_ELENOR_MUSTANG_13
It was then I found myself looking dead in the face of one of the most iconic cars probably in American history. Thus, this is where our mini coverage begins.TOKYO_TUNER_AIREAL_AUTOWORKS_FORD_COBRA_ELENOR_MUSTANG_12 
There are a couple of things that normally help the buyer know if they are potentially buying a real Eleanor or a continuation from another factory.TOKYO_TUNER_AIREAL_AUTOWORKS_FORD_COBRA_ELENOR_MUSTANG_11
With only about 35 actually being built and delivered, there are a lot of replicas out in the market and if you’re looking for the
Probably the easiest and fastest way to check the authenticity of your Super Snake is the car must have came from the factory in California and the VIN number must match up. CHECK
The second and more subjective approach to checking the authenticity is of course the famous the signature. Carroll Shelby was known for placing his personal John Hancock on all his creations deemed worthy of the name. TOKYO_TUNER_AIREAL_AUTOWORKS_FORD_COBRA_ELENOR_MUSTANG_1
OK! Yes I know there are other ways of checking like having the signed papers and no I’m not a professional authenticator for Fastbacks but I mean, we are here to look at this beautiful creation, not judge the authenticity. Plus, it’s in Japan so that counts for something right??TOKYO_TUNER_AIREAL_AUTOWORKS_FORD_COBRA_ELENOR_MUSTANG 
This car has certain elements that come straight from the blockbuster film ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ such as this ‘Go Baby Go’ button, WHICH when pressedTOKYO_TUNER_AIREAL_AUTOWORKS_FORD_COBRA_ELENOR_MUSTANG_6
Makes this can of nitrous spray into the system and which makes you accelerate at a much, much, MUCH faster rate.TOKYO_TUNER_AIREAL_AUTOWORKS_FORD_COBRA_ELENOR_MUSTANG_9 
Then again, the 427 V8 engine that lives under the hood is no slouch to begin with. So the button is for extra thrills ;)TOKYO_TUNER_AIREAL_AUTOWORKS_FORD_COBRA_ELENOR_MUSTANG_4
Even the way you arm the nitrous tank is straight out the movie. I don’t know what it is about toggle switches in cars, but they are just so damn cool!TOKYO_TUNER_AIREAL_AUTOWORKS_FORD_COBRA_ELENOR_MUSTANG_5
It’s too bad that we could not spend more time with this gem and with the FRS needing finishing touches before the car show so we could not take her out for a proper photo shoot. However, Just maybe, we will get a full feature in the near future *wink wink*

The sound of Good Ol’ American Muscles to assault your speakers *sorry for crappy camera movement*

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