Race Day At Fuji Speedway: Permission To Go Fast Accepted

Race Day At Fuji Speedway: Permission To Go Fast Accepted

Ahhh Fuji Speedway. The place where you can bring you car and and for a small fee, beat the hell out of it on one of the few tracks that they have. There is of course, the main circuit which is home to one of the longest straight aways and hosts events such as Super GT, Super Formula and the Asian Le Mans Series. Smaller course used as skid pads and drifting track can also be found at Fuji Speedway. With such a wide variety of motorsports activities that Fuji Speedway is capable of holding, its no surprise that it draws outside motorsports organizations to rent out the facilities and use them for a day. Today was no exception to this rule. A bunch of R35 owners got together and decided to hold a race day event where they could bring their cars and blitz them around the Fuji Speedway with either a race instructor or go out solo.
Of course, this event not being private, means a variety of different cars showed up to Fuji Speedway and race around the track. Of course I didn’t mind. When did a little variety hurt anybody ;)?
The owner of this Porsche GT3 had a good time running his car around the circuit
After watching him run for a few laps, he pulled off the circuit to let his car cool down for a little bit . It was then I was able to talk to him and get his and the cars background story.
He bought this baby blue GT3 as a happy retirement present to himself and has been racing it around for the past three years.
He was also excited to mention that his helmet was custom painted to match the paint code of his GT3. Pimpin
Speaking of Pimpin and Porsches, this Rauh- Welt Begriff (RWB) 911 showed up as well to play around at Fuji Speedway
The owner has had the car since it came off the showroom floor and had been tweaking, racing and re-tweaking it eversense
MmMm Air Cooled Goodness
I wish I could of stayed longer to see this beast on the circuit, but you can only stay at a track for so long.. (especially if you still do not have your Japanese License.. I know I know… fail)
Since this event started off as an R35, I guess we should move into some pictures of R35s
And that was it. Yes there was more R35’s, but the owner of this R34 was so cool and excited to meet me that I feel like it deserves more coverage!
He was more than happy to open his hood and let me get a look at the heart of this Godzilla: the rb26dett
This beauty also happens to be the V-Spec (Victory Specification), which came with a firmer suspension, lower ground clearance, and an Active LSD at the rear.
The interior still has that stock feel and retains most of the creature comforts of the Stock GTR.
He did, however, replace the seats with Bride Racing Seats.
It was also good to see a R32 racing around Fuji Speedway.
Moving back away from the Skylines (I know, I’m sorry) we had a few Hachi Rokus and Corolla’s showed up to race as well
I’m normally not that big of a fan of blue cars, but I absolutely love this blue.
Some quick pit maintenance before jumping back on the circuit.
You know you’re serious about your racing when you roll up to the race track in your own flatbed tow truck. It sounded absolutely beastly once he got it off the truck.
It has been a while since I saw a Honda on the track, even a S2K! So it was nice to see this Type R running hard around the circuit.
Okabe Jidosha Motor Sport’s Z34 was also making a few runs around Fuji Speedway.
Star Road also brought out one of their 270z Fairladies to the track.
I think this is a good way to end this article on. In Memory of the Father of the Z’s, Katayama Yutaka. He creations are such wonderful and beautiful masterpieces and he will surely be missed in the car community.

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