Morishita’s SR20DET Datsun 510

Morishita’s SR20DET Datsun 510

Impromptu- Suddenly or Hastily prepared: Improvised

When shooting a feature for a magazine, website, or your clients, you tend to want to have a lot of time on your hands. Time to sit down and really plan out your shots. Time to think about the different angles and how to play around with the backgrounds and your subjects.
Time is your best friend. So, what do you do when you find yourself in a situation where you really don’t have time? Do you risk losing an opportunity and reschedule for a later date, or do you say ‘f it’ and you Improvise something?
I came to this dilemma while I was shooting event coverage for the Track and Show Event and I happened to run into this Datsun 510. It was away from the main arena of stanced out cars and it was a nice breath of fresh air. The car just screamed function: slightly bigger tires, fender flares perfectly molded into the body, full roll cage, and surprisingly, a small intercooler hiding behind the license plate.
Now, I’m sure most of the readers know the 510 wasn’t a turbocharged vehicle and from factory, it came with around 94 hp. However, this is the perfect platform to modify with its small body and plenty of space to stuff something with a little bit more power under the hood.
That is when Morishita san came by and got in his car to leave the event. It was time to make a decision: Live with the few pictures I could get or ask to have an Impromptu photoshoot. Guess which option I took…
Morishita san was actually inspired by his friend Akio san and his Green Drift 510 (Which Is coming soon as well ;)). Watching Akio san drifting circuits and maybe some touges in his NA SR20DE 510 made Morishita san want to have one as a drift car as well. However, he couldn’t just follow In Akio san’s shadow.
He had to do something different and the changes start with the engine choice. Instead of the ITB NA set up of Akio san’s 510, Morishita san decided to go the turbocharger route and the SR20DET was the perfect option. Morishita san 510 is boosted to 1.3 bars (or 19 PSI to us Americans) and is pushing around 374 HP to the crank. That is almost 4 times as much power than when it came out the factory!
Because of all that power, Morishita san was thinking purely functionality in setting up his 510. Front splitter, much wider tires than the car originally came with, and overfenders to house those extra wide tires were required.
Stopping all this power was also a priority on Morishita san mind and decided to go with brakes from an R34 Skyline 25GT. The wheels come courteously of a R32 Skyline GTR.
Eagle eye viewers would have notice that ‘HAS Datsun’ is written almost EVERYWHERE on the car. The reason behind that is Morishita san owns a mechanic shop and the name of the shop is Human Auto Service. All the work done on this car was done by Morishita san, which makes this 510 just that much more special.
The interior is pretty much bare and stripped out to save weight. However, there are still some reminisce of the original interior left in the car such as the passenger seats. The Gauge cluster, however, does come from an old S13.Knowing that I was holding Morishita san up, I quickly wrapped up my impromptu shoot, exchanged contact information and just like that, he was off. However, don’t think this will be the last time you see this 510. We have only just begun to scratched the surface.

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