Cars And Coffee: Brought To You By Lexus

Cars And Coffee: Brought To You By Lexus

It’s that time of the month again (no…not like that) when a group of car enthusiast get together in the early hours of the morning and for two hours, show off their cars and socialize in the small T-site parking lot in Daikanyama. Normally here in Tokyo, each Cars and Coffee event has a central theme for the event and this Sunday was no exception.
This month, Lexus decided to actually sponsor the event and provide sandwiches and coffee.. FOR FREE. What more motivation possibly ask for to wake up early on a Sunday? Cars and free food.
Since the event was sponsored by Lexus, they decided it would be a great opportunity to show off their new RC F’s, and of course, their hugely popular LFA
As the LFA’s would roll into the parking lot, the crowd would immediately swarm to the cars to take pictures, get a look around the car, and wait for their turn to get a seat inside the car.
This being a ‘sophisticated and civilized’ event however meant that we would not be able to hear the 4.8l V10 truly come to life.
The great thing about Cars and Coffee is even though the events are based around a central theme, it does not exclude other cars from participating in the event.
Therefore, a group of classic cars decided to show up as such as this British made Ginetta G40.
This Isuzu 117 ‘facelifted’ 1800XG Coupe Version grabbed my attention partly due to the design on the hood reminding me of the classic Trans AM Firebird
and the way this G161 1.6L engine was done.
This being Japan means that you do not have to search too hard to find the beloved Hakosuka
This KPGC -10 is the perfect blend of form and function. Wouldn’t you agree?
It was the first time seeing a KE15 Sprinter in person. The Sprinter’s were made to be the ‘sportier’ version of its Corolla sibling and does this one show it.
Fast forward and we have another car loved by millions of enthusiast and drifters alike: The Sprinter Tureno. Of course, in panda color scheme.
What does this Mazda RX-4 remind you of?
In the 70’s, Alpine A110 were known for dominating several rally races in France and even becoming one of the first World Rally Champion cars
I saw this car at a previous event, but it was great to get a second chance to spend a little more time with this rare gem.
Just like the last Cars and Coffee event that I covered a few months ago, a group of Caterhams showed up to enjoy the early sunshine and free coffee provided by Lexus
The KTM Xbow, one of the major competitors of the Caterhams, also appeared at the event. The owner was quick to show how strong it was by taking off his shoes and walking up and down on the front carbon fiber piece.
Towards the end of the event, a few interesting and heavy hitters started to roll up bringing life back into the fading event.
It’s amazing that with all the new technology and lightweight materials, Morgan still decide to make a large part of their cars out of wood. Just looking at this dash proves the level of craftsmanship necessary to make something so elegant
This classic Cobra quickly followed behind the Morgan causing some of the main audience to move towards the entrance of the parking lot.
Directly behind the Cobra, a Ferrari F40 rolled in and simply stole the show away from EVERYTHING.
Not even the technologically advanced LFA could beat the attention the ‘primitive’ F40 had. Then again, it IS an F40
I have always loved Lamborghinis and if given the opportunity to buy one or a Ferrari, I would most likely buy a Lambo. However, I’m still not entirely sure about the new Huracan.
Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely think the car is brilliant and if given the option, I would drive one in a heartbeat (who wouldn’t)
But for some reason, it just doesn’t seem to be ‘crazy’ enough. I want the insanity of the Aventador because the Huracan seems like Audi had a little too much of an influence on it in my opinion.
The Alfa Romero 4C is another car that looks just as brilliant, if not more than the Huracan
From every possible angle, the car looks simply stunning. It is a great alternative for a mid-engine, rear wheel drive, affordable sports car if you want something other than a Cayman.
Once again, Cars and Coffee exceeded my expectations allowing me to get a closer look at some new cars I have wanted to see and even getting a chance to learn more about some classic cars I had not seen before. It’s always a struggle to get up and catch the early train, but it is always worth it in the end.

I’m not sure why, but I just love this rustic looking bike.
Of course, you have to have a slammed MX-5 right?
Another look at that Hakosuka
The heart of the Ginetta G40.

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