S1 Night: Japanese Candy Paint and 24s

S1 Night: Japanese Candy Paint and 24s

When it comes to being an automotive enthusiasts, there are very few places in the world that can compare to Japan. We travel from all parts of the globe in hopes of finding some action that we have watched either on YouTube read about somewhere online. Hell, that is one of the main reasons why I moved here in the first place. However, just because you are in Japan doesn’t mean you will easily find the Holy Grail of car scenes. Unless you know somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody, you may find it surprisingly difficult to find these meets. If you lack the ability to speak Japanese then your will really be up a creek.
So, when one of my clients from a previous magazine shoot told me about a underground gathering that him and his friends were planning on throwing, I knew I had to attend.
He didn’t tell me much about what kind of cars would show up but if they were anything like his fully customized 700whp R35 (which yes, you will see full coverage on this monster soon) then I was in for a real treat.
Once we arrived at the right place, we were greeted by Shunsuke san who immediately introduced us to one of the head organizers of the S1Night, Mikey. S1Night is a large group of friends with the common attraction towards cars that like to meet together and simply chill without having to worry too much about other people causing havoc at the meets such as the Bosozokus. They also have the common desire to have the most unique and customized cars.
Now, I have been to all kinds of car meets and events in Japan and they normally are pretty similar. Either form or function tend to be the main difference between them. However, this was something I QUITE wasn’t expecting. When Mikey and Shunsuke san told me that everyone wants to have the most unique car, they weren’t playing around.
Intricate pin striping found mostly on classics hot rods, custom candy paint jobs, dubs for days, Lamborghini and suicide doors and a surprising amount of American cars were all present.
Was interesting seeing some of the new American muscle cars present at the event such as the Challanger.
Even this old Chevy C/K could be considered unique because I mean… this IS Japan. You just don’t see these things here like that.
But if we are going to talk about some unique and customized American muscle, this Charger would be a good place to start
I am down with the murder out look on this Charger and everyone says it is a Charger ‘done right’but the Lamborghini doors kills it. What do you think?
For sheer American style, I have to give it to this Low Rider
Spoke wheels, white wall tires, custom paint and hydraulics. I swear I was back in America for a second.
And then I found this: A fully customized and most likely one off Cadillac Escalade EXT. I promise you will see more of this soon but damn…
There was also a good turn out of European cars. However, two of them really stood out to me. One was this E66 BMW.
There was suttle hints that this car was slightly customized to the owners liking such as the carbon fiber BMW badge replacement and massive S101 HRE wheels
However, the main thing that just screamed ‘HEY!! LOOK AT ME!’ was the sidepipes. I can’t say I have ever seen sidepipes on a BMW. Well.. maybe a M series car somewhere online.. but a 7 series?
The second Euro car that stood out to me also comes from the land German. This Audi A6 also has the famous (or imfamous) Lamborghini doors, but has loads of customized detail that make this car something special
Such as the Audi emblem and Gecko inscribed on the glass of the projectors. You will see more of this car in the near feature as well. I promise ;)
This being Japan, there was a varity of VIP builds and customized slammed out cars
This Toyota Aristo (Lexus GS) was a great example of this.
SSR Wheels with muti-color extended lug nuts, detail laced all over the car such as the girl on the fuel door cover and of course, static.
Since I own a G35 state side, I have sort of a soft spots for Infintis. Therefore, two Infinitis stood out to me with this M45 being one of them.
The second and slightly ‘more aggresive’ looking would be this G37 Sedan. Can’t say I have seen wheels like these before but what do yall think of them?
Moving more towards the ‘because Japan’ level of customization, we have this Lexus SC 430.
Slammed to the ground, tucked wheels, and of course static.
So, on the outside, this Mitsubishi Eclipse looks just like a car with a bright lime green paint job.
But when you get a look of this interior, you can really see where the owner wanted the changes to be. I mean, you DO spend most of your time inside your car so why not focus your effort in there right?
Of course you can’t talk about some truly unique designs without looking at Veilside kits.
I actually meet the owner this RX7 and his friend (owns an Orange RX7 with the same Veilside Kit) sometime last year at Fuji Speedway so it was good to see Hans ‘twin’ again and catch up.
I know when you think of a S15 being ‘done’ proper, this is probably not what you had in mind
However, when it comes to being truly unique, I have to say this is takes the cake. Wide body kit, massive Forgiato Custom Forged Wheels, custom paint job and of course, you gotta have the Lamborghini doors.
Oh and of course the sound system!
It never ceases to amaze me the kind of cars and events I find myself going to in Japan. Meeting liked minded individuals with the same passion for cars is always a breath of fresh air. Stay tuned on a few mini and full features from some cars from S1 Night group!

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