Customized EXT: True Show Car Status?

Customized EXT: True Show Car Status?

Show Car: ‘A custom-made automobile created specifically for public display, rather than sale and normally shown at auto shows and other exhibitions’. According to Wikipedia anyways, however, in the case of this Cadillac Escalade EXT, I think their definition fits this truck rather well.
Normally, when you think of a show car, you think of custom paint, a ball’n set of rims, and a sound system that could definitely cause hearing damage if your not to careful. So, lets just go through the list together shall we?
One off customized Lexani Wheels.. Check
The backseats folds down to reveal a large kicker amp and test tube like plumbing that you might find at a night club in Roppongi. However, of course, just having one amp wouldn’t do.
So the entire trunk bed has been filled with massive speakers and four more Kicker amps. Sound system.. Check
The paint detail is where this Escalade really shines at.
Almost every square inch of this truck has some kind of intricate design on it
I mean, LITERALLY every square inch. From the hood all the way to the tailgate of the truck. I can’t even begin to imagine how many hours alone was put in on the paint job. Custom paint job… Check
So this Escalade hits all three major criteria of being consider a show car. However, I’ll let you, the readers, decide. Would you call this a show car?

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