Shunsuke San’s One Off 700 HP R35

Shunsuke San’s One Off 700 HP R35

Why is it that when we are in strapped into a car that is so terrifyingly fast, that the only thing we can do is scream while laughing at the same time? I pondered this question as Shunsuke san rapidly downshifted three gears on the freeway. A bright pink Lamborghini Murcielago just happen to fly past us and we simply just could not have that.
The VR38DETT immediately obeyed his command as the custom two stage Garage Sasaki inconel exhaust bellowed a note that can only be described as something similar to a F1 car. The note bounced back and forth off the freeway walls serenading your ears with the sound of power and turbos spooling up. I assumed that Shunsuke san’s R35 would be fast, I mean, it IS a GTR. However, this took fast to a whole new level that I was not expecting.
Before continuing with the story, I probably should give you some background information on Shunsuke San and his insanely custom and probably ONLY of a kind GTR. I first saw Shunsuke san’s Imperial green GTR at a Track and Show event hosted by the Check Shop at Fuji Speedway.
I won’t lie, I was quick to judge the car seeing that it was completely planted on the ground at a stance show. “Great, another GTR “ruined” by the stance game.” I thought to myself. However, it still thought it was a pretty cool looking build and if I could get the chance, I’d love to meet the owner and just figure out what all he did and WHY he did it. Fast forward a few weeks later, I happen to find Shunsuke san thru a mutual friend on facebook and the next thing you know, we are setting up a date to shoot.
To say this is the most customized GTR, all I would have to do is type out the full parts list on this build and you would probably agree with me. However, just simply listing all the parts would not do Shunsuke san nor his GTR justice. This build is the perfect definition of ‘Form and Function’, with uniqueness and creativity behind everything. When deciding what car to start this massive project, Shunsuke san had three basic requirements for the car.
The first requirement was that the car had to be relatively new. The second requirement was that the car had to be available in the world wide market. It makes the claim all that much sweeter to say you have a ‘one of a kind car’ if this car is available to all the major markets. The third and final requirement was that this car had to be Japanese made.
However, even though the car had to be Japanese made, it also had to be left hand drive as well meaning that Shunsuke san was going to have to import his car of choice to Japan.
The car that fulfilled all Shunsuke san’s desire was this 2013 Nissan Skyline GTR. He bought this car in America and had it immediately imported back to its home country from which, damn near everything had to go.
When I mean damn near everything had to go, I mean EVERYTHING had to go. The only thing that was left original is the windshield. If he changed that, he would have to face the Japanese government and pay a fine for violating the Shaken (車検), which is their vehicle inspection program that they have for vehicles over 250cc.
With everything being gone, it was all replaced with dry carbon. The front bumper, hood, quarter panels, roof, trunk and spoiler are all now carbon fiber. Even that was not enough carbon fiber for Shunsuke san, so Doluck carbon fiber front lip and side skirts were added to the build. The Varis dry carbon fiber hood has had the latch modified to tilt forward when open versus the original style.
Speaking of things opening in ways they weren’t originally meant too, the doors are one off customized suicide doors. Shunsuke san had to buy used GTR doors as testers for his design to make sure everything matched up and fitted correctly to the new custom body design before taking his original doors and having them machined to fit properly. It sounds so simple adding suicide doors, but it was so extreme that even Nissan stopped by his company’s booth at Tokyo Auto Salon and asked him how the hell he did it.
Eagle eyed readers may have noticed that there is only one set of tail lamps versus the normal two set of tail lamps. Shunsuke san wanted to create the illusion of a wide body kit, but without adding a wide body kit. Everyone is doing either a wide body kit or bolt on overfenders. So, to have a truly unique car, he created this custom tail lamp for his R35 which creates the sensation of looking at a wider R35.
Shunsuke san then had all the carbon fiber painted this unique and beautiful imperial or ‘mint’ green with custom ‘Iceberg’ metal flakes. The mint green paint is a custom creation from the very own mind of Shunsuke and his shop at Garage Revolver.
Continuing the theme of all carbon fiber everything, the interior also received a splash of carbon fiber. Most of the trim and even including the back seat cup holder was replaced for carbon fiber pieces.
The front seats were replaced with Shadow in the Knack Yard one off custom Recaro Seats.
The obsession to detail can be seen when looking on the back of the seats, you will find custom hand painted pinstripes that pays homage to classic pinstriping done on classic American Hot Rods.
He tells me that some of the next possible changes to the interior would be to, you guessed it, add more carbon fiber and continuing the custom seat work to the rear seats.
Shunsuke sans GTR is equipped with AirRex air suspension kit which, with a press of a few buttons on their custom remote control, takes the ride height from a little below stock, to planted on the pavement.
Partnered with the 21” Lexan Forged wheels, gives this GTR that neck breaking stance look that is so hugely popular in the car scene.
I know that everyone is into the whole ‘static is better than bags’ fad but after riding around with Shunsuke san, I can’t see why.
Ok, so yes the cost of a air ride system and the extra weight that comes with it can be a pain, but to retain the cars functionality and still be able to have that stance look on command is truly worth the extra money.
Even the ride quality was surprisingly comfortable as the bags absorbed all the bumps without transmitting it to my spine, but still gave you that confidence of ‘yah, I can take that turn much faster than that sign just told me I should”.
This now brings the story back to the beginning where I was about to be placed in that situation of sheer terror and excitement. If you haven’t guessed already from the hint of everything being replaced with carbon fiber and the two stage Garage Sasaki inconel exhaust, this car is faster than stock. Much… Much.. Much faster than stock. Over 700 WHP fast than stock.
Under the hood, you find yourself looking at HKS blow off valves and one off custom titanium piping and sargetank. However, the real fun is what has happened to the engine. A very popular Japanese company called Amuse got their hands on this GTR and applied their magical touches to it.
They tuned Shunsuke san’s GTR cpu and gave it a two stage throttle response in regards to boost. The first stage is from regular throttle position to half throttle which gives you around 0.8 bars to play with (around 12 PSI). Only at full throttle is when the full power of the turbos are used, upping the boost to 1.2 bars ( around 17 PSI) and giving you around 700 WHP.
As Shunsuke flew through the gears and passed the Lamborghini, the only thing I could do, besides being fully pushed back into the Recaro seats, is hold on and yell a lot of things in Japanese I probably should not write in English.
However, it was such a thrilling rush, I just had to ask how he hasn’t gone to jail yet because all I would do is drive around unleashing all that power and listening to that beautiful exhaust screaming as I did it. He laughed and then told me I should feel launch control. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending how you look at it) we didn’t really have the time nor the real estate to really give it a shot since it was rush hour time in Tokyo. He tells me however, that on some pulls before, he has reached 0 – 60 mph in under 2.7 seconds. Damn..
As the day came towards an end, and my time with the GTR and with Shunsuke san was coming to a close, I had only one question on my mind, besides needing a drink after that ride, was simply why. Why go thru all that effort to redo everything and make a completely build?
The fact that he owns a left hand drive GTR in Japan is incredibly rare to begin with. Again, he laughed and simply said this. “ I want to have the WORLDS most unique and custom GTR. That is my goal with this build.”
So, I’ll let you, the readers, be the judge of that. Is it the most custom GTR, with both form and function features, you have ever seen?

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