Parking Deck Shenanigans: Hardcore x Super Street Meet

Parking Deck Shenanigans: Hardcore x Super Street Meet

Good god it was hot as hell in the parking deck.. Now that I’ve gotten that out the way, I guess I should give some context to why we were crammed in a parking deck in the first place. A couple days before the event, we received news that the event was going to be cancelled due to the fact that the event had grown so large that the previous location changed their mind and said to go somewhere else. That somewhere else happen to be the UDX parking deck in Akihabara.
As I got off the JR and started to walk towards the parking deck, all you could hear were cars driving around, waiting in line to enter the parking deck or just waiting for their friends to show up. Particularly, the most common sound you would hear was the familiar sound of the 13B rotary engine since it also happen to be 7 Day as well.
Once inside the parking deck, you were instantly surrounded by a wide variety of cars and almost every type of style was present. From power hungry build such as this R33 to slammed out vans.
For those who have a desire for absolute power, this S13 might satisfy that desire
I absolutely love this NSX. It’s such a timeless classic that even in 2015, it still looks better than some of its newer counterparts.
Speaking of newer counterparts, this Mclaren 650 is also simply stunning. Over engineering at its finest.
A decent amount of classic cars also showed up to the event such as this Toyota VVTi
Since I moved to Japan, I have had the opportunity to see a few nicely done Sunnys, however this pickup truck was a first for me. I absolutely love it!
However, nothing could compete with this Skyline C210.
Not only was the body in perfect shape, but the engine bay was also immaculate. A prime example of another great build in Japan.
Mercury Z Project brought out their road version of their Formula Drift competition car.
It may not be as ‘aggressive’ as its racing counterpart but I mean.. Damn this thing is wild! Hopefully, you will see more of this in the near future ;)
Of course this IS Japan so the Itasha car culture is very popular
Er… Did I mention that it is VERY popular haha. Oh Japan how we love you so.
Before moving to Japan, I really didn’t understand the culture of modifying Vans. It seemed so strange to me but I think it’s starting to grow on me.
Even thought it was ‘7 Day’, there still was a large amount of 86’s that showed up. Both old and new
Gotta love the Panda look.
This car and I have a long history together over the past few months. I promise you will find out EVERYTHING about it shortly
Just as the older Hachi Roku are hugely popular, the updated version is just as popular.
I’ve seen lots of different builds on the GT86 / FRS / BRZ but for some reason this one really stood out to me. Maybe it was the color choice
Or maybe I’m just a sucker for front splitters.. However,I do intend to find out more about it.
If you thought this meet wasn’t going to have some VIP (Bippu) builds or some straight up ‘ridicuouls’ builds, you are sadly mistaken. This is defenitly a fad that is here to stay for a while. This S14 took the standard and threw it out the window.
I mean……
Builds revolving around the Toyota Crown are starting to seem more popular in Tokyo. What do you think of this one?
Another build I find quite interesting. The FX is something that you don’t see often customized, especially here in Tokyo. Can you tell whats not factory?
The same can be said about the rear end. Can you tell what has been replaced and what it was swapped with?
Wheels, wheels, wheels. The right set of wheels are a MUST when visualizing and completing your build. The wrong set can spell disaster when judged by your peers on the internet.
It also helps though to have a massive intercooler custom mounted into your front bumper
It’s has been a while since I’ve seen some modified Honda’s. With the huge desire for the GT86 / FRS / BRZ and different platforms for drifting and the stance scene, you just don’t see that many Honda’s anymore. I’m definitely a fan of this S2k
I remember years ago that this would be something that everyone would want. A EG civic with a H22 swapped motor. Maybe the new Civic Type R will rekindle peoples desire in Hondas
The meet was actually pretty short due to the last minute venue selection and as soon as it ran over the scheduled time, security started to clear the place out. Not like the smoldering heat wasn’t doing a good job of that in the first place. However, despite all that, I say this was another successful meet. Whenever you get to hang out with old friends, meet new ones and just get a chance to admire other peoples builds, its a good meet.

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