Motor Games Festival: Formula D x Offset Kings

Motor Games Festival: Formula D x Offset Kings

It was like being a little kid in a candy shop. Formula Drift Japan’s Second Series of the Drift World Championship was at once side of Fuji Speedway. On the other side opposite of Formula Drift was Offset Kings. It PROBABLY would have been wiser to pick one or the other so that I could focus most of my time and energy there but that would have been boring! So, I gave it my best. For you, the reader of course!
With almost every square inch of Fuji Speedway being used in one way or another, the vendors were actually closer to the drifting stage and away from Offset Kings.
Some beautiful hand sketches for sell. Wouldn’t one look great on your wall?
You always need to have the ‘right’ set of wheels to set off your build.
I’m sure you have seen this car by now but if not, let me introduce to you ‘The Boss': Miura’s V2 Rocket Bunny S14
This car has been causing quite a stir on the internet with people trying to figure out how the car was inspired: Japanese classic or American Muscle. I know we all saw the rendering but now when you see the real thing, what do you think?
Right next to the Rocket Bunny S14 was Siro Watanabe’s bright pink Rocket Bunny 180sx.
Of course, you can not have a event like Offset Kings and NOT have Liberty Walk show up to the party
And when Liberty Walk rolls to a party, they roll DEEP! A sea of Aventadors and GTRs all lined up dominating the entire bottom area of the vendors section.
I first was introduced to Valenti’s R35 at Tokyo Auto Salon back in January.
With Mad Mike participating in Formula Drift Japan, it would only make sense that Red Bull also had a decent size booth. Too bad His Rx 7 ended up having engine troubles and being knocked out before the round of 16.
Since we mentioned Formula Drift and the round of 16, I guess this would be the opportunity time to switch gears and talk about Formula Drift Japan.
Since it was down to the round of 16, all the drivers were competing in the classic tandem style battle
The way the scoring system works is relativity simple. How close can you get to the clipping point of a turn while maintaining the drift.
Of course the closer you can get, the better. This was slightly toooo close though but the crowded loved the battle between Team RS-R ZN6 86 and Team Toyo R35 GTR
Entry speed and angle
Distance among the cars. If one begins to pull away from the other during the drift such as Team Toyo Tires R35 GTR, the one pulling away will receive the advantage
But the ‘MOST’ important scoring factor (or at least what the audience wants to see) is tire smoke.
And Lots
Of tire smoke! A feat not to difficult to achieve when your car is packing well over 700 WHP, or damn near 1000 HP such as the GTR
The event was action pack and filled with drama as it seemed that everyone was struggling in one way or another from pushing their monsters to the raggid edge. When it was all said and done, Masato Kawabata and his R35 GTR took the 1st place podium, Aurimas Bakchis and his 240sx in second place, and Tadahiro Fukada and his Mark II in third.
With the drifting competition ending about an hour after scheduled, it was time to try and head to the opposite side of Fuji Speedway to head to Offset Kings. Once more the theme of Rocket Bunny was very prominent
Of course this IS Japan we are talking about. A large gathering of Vans showed up to the event. Would you rock one?
I know I have been recently writing about how I rarely see Honda’s in the tuning scene here. Especially when it comes to S2ks to be honest. I truly think I have found more NSX’s than S2k strangely enough.
BRE Inspired Rocket Bunny S14. Slightly different from the Miura’s own car with the addition of the front lip spoiler.
Once again, Liberty Walk had a wide verity of vehicles in the event including G37s.
It was quite interesting to see that Liberty Walk had decided to work on G37. They are pretty popular..ish back home in the states but here in Japan, you just don’t see them driving around that often. What do you think? Is Kato-san on to something here?
You can go the popular theme of Rocket Bunny / Liberty Walk, which I believe will be influencing the car scene for time to come, or you can go the complete custom route such as the GS.

Bouncing all over the place might not have been the BEST idea I’ve had while shooting, but hell, with so much great stuff going on, it was hard to resist! Enjoy!

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