Hiroaki San’s GT86: Rocket Bunny In The Making

Hiroaki San’s GT86: Rocket Bunny In The Making

We stood outside Hiroaki San’s GT 86 contemplating our next move. The only thing we could do was stare at each other and then back at his car before uttering the words “Yeah… this is not going to work..”. Normally, I take into account the car’s ride height and road condition before taking a car to the shooting site. However, it seemed that I slightly underestimated exactly HOW low Hiroaki San’s 2014 Toyota GT 86 was and the results of this miscalculation was we were now SLIGHTLY stuck.
I first saw Hiroaki San’s GT 86 at the Hardcore X Super Street Meet last month at Akihabara’s UDX parking deck.
I wanted to wait around and see if the owner would eventually show up so that I could talk to him / her about their car, However one can only stand around for so long before giving up. Fortunately, I was able to find Hiroaki San through Facebook (yes, I do use Facebook for networking purpose lol) and arrange to meet up and have a photo shoot out in some rice fields.
As we made our way to the rice fields, I was able to talk to Hiroaki San and find out more about him and his car.
Before buying his GT 86 a little over a year ago, Hiroaki San 1st car was a Toyota Mark II 110 and yes, it did go sideways. It was fun for a while but surprisingly, the drifting style didn’t suit his personality.
What did fit his personality was the Stance Scene and like most, was captivated by Kei Miura San’s Rocket Bunny Kits. In particular, Miura’s kit designed for the GT 86.
Thus, Hiroaki San sold his Mark II and bought his GT 86 where he began the lengthy process in converting it into a Rocket Bunny GT 86
Custom making parts and working on cars is Hiroaki San’s day job so I can fully understand his desire to do all the work himself.
So far, Hiroaki San has accomplished installing the Rocket Bunny V2 Rear Diffuser, Rear Fenders and the V3 Wing.
Up front, Hiroaki San had not installed the Front Rocket Bunny Fenders. In spite of that, he was more than eager to pull out a set from his trunk and tell me that he would be installing them in the near feature.
Current suspension setup includes 326 Power Chakuriki (チャクリキ) Dampers (24 K in the front and 14 K in the rear), Rasty two way Pirro Lower arms, and KTS pylori Atto Racing Rods.
The cast iron wheels give Hiroaki San’s GT 86 an interesting look with the 9J-10 offset in the front and 10J-10 offset in the rear. He tells me that they are only temporary and already has a few wheels in mind he would like to see on his GT 86.
The interior of Hiroaki San’s GT 86 is truly a unique place to be.
Of course the love for Rocket Bunny can still be seen here just as the exterior, however there are elements that are strictly unique to Hiroaki San.
The custom camouflage pattern that covers most of the plastic trim was hand sprayed by Hiroaki San.
His second love (behind Rocket Bunny of course) would have to be Star Wars and in particular R2D2. R2D2 was literately everywhere: Micro USB Charger, background on Hiroaki San’s phone and even a little R2D2 phone charm.
Other changes currently to the interior included a TRD leather shift knob and MOMO steering wheel.
Fortunately, we were able to to get the car unstuck with out causing too much damage to the undercarriage (or the road) and found another back entrance to the rice fields. We did though however happen to cause a little curiosity from the locals.
During the entire shoot, people would stop by and either talk with us or simply watch us for a little bit before carrying on with their day.
Hiroaki San’s GT 86 might be a Rocket Bunny car in the making, but for the work he has already completed along with the elements that are uniquely Hiroaki San, I am pretty excited to see what the finished creation will look like.

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