A Night Full Of Supras: The Foreshadow Chapter

A Night Full Of Supras: The Foreshadow Chapter

It is funny that only a few months ago, I was writing about how difficult or rare it was to find Supras just out on the prowl in Tokyo. That statement is still is somewhat true but like most things in life, if you search hard enough, you will find it. Well.. that’s a lie. Like most things in life, it’s not what you know but WHO you know. This whole concept called networking. I was only planning on meeting up with Supra #1 that night and ended up with 3 Supras AND a RX7. Now, the reason why I’m calling this the ‘Foreshadow’ Chapter is simple: This is only a teaser. Something to get you ready for the full features covering EVERYTHING. Time was short that night and it would have been impossible to feature all the cars. So with that, let the teasing begin!
Supra #1: JZA80 Ridox Aero kit
This Supra looks great from all angles, but from behind… UGHHHH
Gotta love some TE37’s on this Supra. The perfect wheel setup for this car?
Supra #2:
Also rocking the Ridox JZA80 aero kit
Breaking up the Supra line up was this immaculate RX 7
Simple and yet, so so so clean
Also, you gotta love pop up lights! Right?
Supra #3:
Judging from that massive intercooler, you can guess this one has some extra power in it. You would be correct. ____ WHP correct ;)
I know this was an unorthodox feature, but I hope it has at least wet your appetite for full, more in depth coverage in the near feature!

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