Aireal Auto Works: The Inside Edition

Aireal Auto Works: The Inside Edition

Back in January of this year, I got my first taste of the chaotic event we call the Tokyo Auto Salon. I was eager and ready to shoot all the cars I could see. I was so eager, that I was able to make a 4 part series out of the event which if your so inclined to, you can start from chapter one HERE .
On the final day of the event, I bumped into Aireal Autoworks booth and their Zero fighter IK-A01 GT 86. Out of all the 86’s that were present at the event, ( and there was as S**** ton of them), the Zero Fighter was by far the most creative and eye catching one of them all.
It was so eye catching that I just had to do a full length feature on it which you can see HERE . Go ahead and check them out! I’ll wait till your finished ;)
And welcome back! I hope you enjoyed the full length feature! Now, when Aireal Autoworks extended an invitation to shoot their show car, they also opened their doors to their shop and of course, we have to feature that as well!
Once we walk into the main door of the shop, we were greeted by CEO and Head Director Kenji Ito San.
He then showed us the Zero Fighter, which was receiving some final touches before the Nagoya Auto Trend show, a couple of other project cars, and something else a little special.
Thats right! Under wraps was this beautiful, and VERY real 1967 GT 500 Super Snake Fastback or better known as Eleanor. I’ll spare you the details in this coverage but you always can click HERE and read the mini coverage I was able to get on her.
Once past the Super Snake, you begin to get the feeling that there is a reason why an Elanor is hiding in this little shop.
It doesn’t get more American than a Elanor and the shop reflects this American attitude.
Classic signs ranging from classic Coca Cola signs, vintage mechanic signs that you would find, well.. in an American mechanic shop.
Once inside, this American theme continues with more classic Coca Cola signs, hot wheel cars tons of M&M figures and more beer signs. Newcastle Brown Ale this time.
最近どう (Saikin Dou) indeed
I’m not to sure what to make of this but all I know is it’s bad ass!
I believe it was more of a technical / fabrication exercise more than anything but hey, I know this little car would turn heads at a show.
This being Japan, the shops are not as big as a typical American shop so space efficiency is a must. An example of this is, the bathroom. Buckle up, be careful, and please.. no drugs!
Around back, cool cars are stored such as this classic Nissan Cedric 280E Brougham
Want to thank Aireal Auto Works for opening their doors to us and spending the entire weekend with us showing us around Nagoya and just being a fun group of people to chill with.
Ito San and the entire crew at Aireal Auto Works are constantly working on cool projects, so do yourself a favor and check out their Facebook page AND be on the look out for more coverage from Aireal Auto Works ;)

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