Obuchi Motors: The ‘Custom’ One Stop Shop

Obuchi Motors: The ‘Custom’ One Stop Shop

First, let me apologize for such the long delay in content. I had returned back to America for a few weeks to take care of some business and by our strict guidelines ( TOKYO/Japan), it basically meant a break from the site. That doesn’t mean however that I was not working trying to have things lined up and ready to go for when I returned back home to Japan. So, while I was away, I kept in constant contact with Fujii San to set up a potential date to shoot his 2008 Matte Orange Liberty Walk R35 GTR. However, all those plans went out the window when he told us to meet him at “the shop”…
The “shop” as it turned out be was Obuchi Motors out in Saitama, about a 50 minute train ride north of central Tokyo
Obuchi Motors is a dealership that sells a variety of high end and customized cars such as this Maserati Quattroporte
We were immediately greeted by Makoto Obuchi San, CEO and Owner of the shop, who was more than eager to show us around his shop.
Even though the shop was quite small, and lets face it, we are talking about having a shop in Tokyo, everything was absolutely spotless!
The downstairs waiting room was filled with all types of trinkets, parts and ‘customized’ toys.
Of course, when I talk about customized toys, I mean Liberty Walk models everywhere.
We were then shown upstairs to where Makoto San’s office was located. It was also the place where all the sales transactions would happen. I was in udder shock to find out how…well.. how NICE it was! When your main clients are people looking to buy high end or customized cars, you have to maintain a certain level of excellent and Obuchi Motors far exceeds that level.
Now, you may have noticed that there was A LOT of Liberty Walk things around the shop and if you have not been able to guess by now, Obuchi Motors works closely with Liberty Walk. You could say it’s like a “Authorized” dealership of HQ which is located in Nagoya.
So, when Fujii San bought his GTR little over a year ago, it was destined for the Liberty Walk treatment. The GTR Complete Body Kit Version 1 to be exact.
The Version 1 comes with of course the widen overfenders
Front bumper, rear diffuser and that massive rear wing
However, what makes the version one special is the kit comes with Liberty Walks custom 20″ wheels. All this alone will set you back about 2.1 million yen ( or about 17,500 USD)… Umm
Now, if your really feel like making it rain yen, and lets face it, if your doing the full Liberty Walk treatment you have the money, you have to get the air ride system. Don’t worry, we have you covered on that as well.
You can have customized Airrex air ride system installed in your car, giving you the ability to be that parking lot stance hero!! AT a cost of course. 790,000 Yen (6,600 USD) to be exact.
So I guess like everything in life, you gotta pay to play. Even the interior recieved a little touches here and there to match the matte orange custom theme of this GTR.
We decided to hit the road and find a venue with a little bit more breathing room. However, not just Fujii Sans Orange GTR came out to play.
This beautiful 2008 black GTR is also receiving the Liberty Walk special, however the Version 2 edition came out to play.
So, which one is your favorite? The Orange or Black?
We ended up finding this nice little spot in the middle of this industrial area. So I’ll shut up a little bit and let the pictures do all the talking.
We figured it was late enough that no one would still be working, but as soon as we pulled the black GTR to shoot, employees of the warehouse started opening doors and having a very quizzical look about what was going on. We decided not to stick and find out the results.
As the day started to wind down, we made our way back to civilization and discussed future plans for the GTRs and other projects they have in mind
It was a very long, but fun day and hey, I cant complain. I got to play around with not just one, but two of Liberty Walks GTRs!
Makato San, Fiji San, and everyone at Obuchi Motors was a great help, a lot of fun to get to know and just chill with. I promise you will see more things from this shop and Liberty Walk in the future! I promise.. Its coming ;) You can check out all the cars they have Here

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