Hustlerz Club’s Chrome, Candy Paint 63′ Impala

Hustlerz Club’s Chrome, Candy Paint 63′ Impala

If you have been recently following our Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, basically any SMS page linked to us, you may have noticed an influx of American Classic and Lowriders cars. The reason behind this is quite simple: we were asked to be the main coverage for the New Style Custom Car Show event. To say it was ‘different’ than anything we have covered before would be a huge understatement. We are still working on that coverage so at the mean time, lets take a look at one of the many cars that stood out among the crowd.
Hustlerz Car Club was just one of the many groups that entered their car into the show and man did it turn heads
This master piece is a 1963 Chevy Impala and the amount of detail that went into this classic lowrider is simply astonishing
The custom one off candy paint job covers the ENTIRE car. When I mean the ENTIRE car, I mean places that only someone obsessed with detail would ever notice.
Such as the undercarriage and wheel arches. Don’t worry though, the mirrors are there to help us see all the work put into this classic Impala
No lowrider would be complete without some chrome…err I mean A LOT of chrome. Again, thank you mirrors!
Did I mention the chrome?
Up front, a beautiful Chevy 350 small block V-8 crate motor with of course, more chrome. Oh, and that paint job!!
Of course, no lowrider wouldn’t be complete without Hydraulics.
There is a lot more lowrider action, along with a lot of other American Classic and customized car greatness on the way! I promise, it’s coming soon!

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