NEXT New Style Custom Auto Show: Chapter 1

NEXT New Style Custom Auto Show: Chapter 1

Since moving to Japan, I have been to all kinds of events, meets, shows, and even underground.. well.. ‘stuff’. Even though the cars are different, you start to feel like everyone is trending to the same thing. Basically, the only thing that becomes different is the individuals unique taste applied to their cars, which in its own rights is very cool. However, when I was given the chance to be the main event photographer for the NEXT New Style Custom show, I had a feeling I was going to be in for a surprise. Yep.
When I was told it was going to be a custom car show, I was thinking it would be mostly cars similar to Shunsuke’s GTR, which if you click here, can see the previous feature we did.
Custom paint jobs, sound systems that will blow your cloths off, and a variety of other modifications such as suicide doors, Lamborghini doors, etc etc
Since we are on the subject of Lamborghini doors, what do we think of about them? In the custom car scene, they are still hugely popular and when they are properly done, such as on this Audi A6 Avant (which you will see a full feature on soon),they add a sense of custom style to the car.
Again another look at another car with Lamborghini doors installed: Chevy Camero
Truth be told, the Lamborghini doors caught my attention, but it was this plate that made me go ‘Yes… this is awesome!’
Now, when you combo Lamborghini doors and insane paint jobs, you end up with something like this H2 Hummer from the master minds at Royal Phantom
The paint detail on this thing is simply staggering. The amount of man hours that went into just painting the car alone.. Man
Royal Phantom works also brought out their Mercedes Benz AMG SL with a custom Black Bison kit installed.
Oh and of course, the custom gold paint with metallic flakes.
Since we are on the subject of paint, I guess this would be the perfect time to talk about some of the custom paint jobs.
Skulls, guns, and women are the main subjects painted on the cars
Especially guns and women
Err.. especially women.
Now, if you haven’t figured it out by now, this kind of paint style is commonly found on lowriders and here at the New Style Custom Show, was no exception to this.
Vintiage American steel could be found everywhere on the show floor with insane paint jobs, more chrome than makes sense, and of course hydraulics
Hydraulics for those that don’t know, is the system commonly installed in lowriders giving the drivers the ability lay frame, three wheel and even hop. Of course, a few extra modifications besides just installing the Hydraulics is needed to three wheel and hop.. but you get the point
Since this was a indoor event, there was no way I was going to see lowriders three wheeling and hopping. I was a little sadden by this point because that is something that you rarely see even in the States let alone in Japan. Then, I started to follow the sounds of NWA to a nice surprise outside.
An outdoor stage was setup for the sole purpose of three wheeling, and hopping battles
The level of F****s given was so low it was ridiculous. Rival car groups trash talking while their cars continually rise and fall smacking the pavement while the audience cheered from the sidelines.
There was even a height contest. A large rolling ruler was put into position and when ready, the contestants would make their cars hop. The rules are simple: car with the highest hop wins.
Since we were on the subject of vintage American steel, lets go back and revisit some that stood out the most such as the Shelby 350 GT
Clean Chevy C10 with drop spindles
A very famous company called Rich Lane brought out a beautiful line up of Cameros
Rich Lane specializes in restoration and modifying American Cars
I especially fell in love with this red Z/28 Camero. Hopefully in the near future, we can meet up with Rich Lane and get a better look at this Z/28 and their other cars
That’s it for chapter 1. In the next chapter, we will take a look more at events at the show, some more newer custom cars, some choppers / bikes, and models because lets face it.. you can’t have a custom car show like this and NOT have models ;)

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