Next New Style Custom Auto Show: Chapter 2

Next New Style Custom Auto Show: Chapter 2

So as I mentioned in the previous chapter, which if you have not had a chance to see, you can by clicking here!, this chapter will focus more on some of the events at the show, more custom cars and motorcycles, and the girls of NEXT New Style Custom Auto Show!
The event brings together a different side of enthusiasts in Japan that you usually don’t see coverage of. Lowriders and tons of vintage American cars took over the showroom. The main stage had live performance dancing, and even hip hop (yes hip hop)
However, thanks to this Nissan Leaf, the only sound track you could hear was whatever they decided to blast out.
The master minds at Obayashi Factory was more than happy to show me all the things this car could do. Everything was power operated. Even the doors were power operated by custom motors to open and close them
But the speakers.. Good God! The car is literately full of Ground Zero Audio speakers and when you stand directly behind it.. Well.. kiss your ear drums goodbye.
After having my ear drums destroyed, I spotted another unique and interesting looking Hybrid with speakers and a little extra surprise inside
The owner of this Prius loves space and decided that would be the basises on how he would build his car.
I thought it was creative how the owner created the stars inside his car until he told me what they were made up of: Swarovski crystals. Yeah… ALL of them.. This build is DUMB expensive!
Oh yah, the owner also loves Star Wars! How cool is that?
Just like other shows, a variety of vendors came to showoff their products. One of the many vendors were JATS High Performance Style Shonan.
They specialize in making air ride system. Parts such as plumbing and fittings come from Taiwan, Japan where as the bags are made in America.
They have a variety of setups for the customer to choose from and if you so choose to, you can bring your car to their shop and they will be more than happy to install the system for you!
Another vendor I was able to talk to for a little bit was Taishow
They specialize in creating high end custom interiors.
Lexani wheels are very popular in this kind of customization and they brought out a few cars showcasing their wheels. White and gold baby!
Baby Eye’s Custom Shop (Yah I know) specialize in wrapping. Chrome Red Audi
And Chrome Blue Evo X. I know wrapping your car is the new thing and lets face it, it’s way more convenient than constantly respraying your car. I’m still on the fence about chrome wrapping though. However, I Lowkey dig the chrome red though.
213 Motoring brought out a few cars to the show but this Wrangler took the cake. Man doesn’t this thing look so pissed off!?
I don’t know why, but this Tundra is awesome! What do we think?
I found this NSX online from a followers instagram post a while back and was a little surprise to just run into it here
People would just stop in their tracks and just be blown away by this NSX and how low it is.
I couldn’t find the owner, but from what I could see and had been told beforehand … it’s Static… Yeah, zero F****s given.
I have been working with a few of Liberty Walks cars so it was great to see the beautiful creation. The Aventador looked amazing from factory but this… THIS… is good
The Dialbo was and probably still is my favorite car.
It was the car that hung on my wall as a kid and was great to get to see one up close. Now.. who is going to let me drive one ;) Anybody??
Um? Because Forgiato? Because bigger is always better?
Speaking of bigger, it doesn’t get much bigger than a Dodge Challanger. Well, I mean a Rolls Royce is but you know what I mean. You will see more on this car in the future. I promise ;)
I had met the owner and this Cadillac Escalade EXT at a previous underground meet hosted by the Solid Car Club a few months back which you can check out here. They are some great people to know! Crazy as all hell at times but really cool people!
Apparently, Ted is a fan of this Eclipse. Are you?
370Z on ADV8 Wheels
Back outside, I found this beautiful Z32 resting near a sea of Impala lowriders
Check out that Engine Bay!
Also the BBS Wheels set this car off just right! Made me want to buy one out here.
Now, lets look at some bikes. I don’t know why, but lowrider and motorcycles go hand and hand.
Even the insanely detailed paint jobs are applied to the motorcycles.
I mean, this guy has a albino alligator seat to match the teal and white paint scheme.
So, lets talk about girls. If you haven’t been to a car show in Japan, then let me give you a spoilier alert. Their are guys all over the place for the sole purpose of taking pictures of the models. Things can get … well.. aggressive.
I thought I had gotten use to the flash mobs of guys taking picture of the girls, but when a few guys came at full sprint towards me to push the crowd to take pictures, all I could do was get out the way and laugh. It truly is a sight to see
It even gets to a point where security might be necessary to escort the girls because some will follow the girls, taking pictures and video at.. ‘interesting’ angles till they return to their home base
Because of this, I tend to stay away from the models. I try not to blend in or be associated with ‘those photographers’. However, when a client or vendor comes up to me and asks me to specifically take pictures of the girls… well, I cant say no to that ;)
Again, hanging out with the Solid Car Club
Showing off that great custom interior made by Taishow
This show was one for the books for sure. It was great to see another side of the car world that you normally don’t find in Japan. I mean, Lowriders, hopping battles, three wheeling, vintage American cars, custom cars, bikes, music, guys chasing models. It had it all. There isn’t one word I can think of to decribe it all so I’ll do it in Japanese: 流石

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