2015 44th Tokyo Motor Show: A Brief Look Into The Future

2015 44th Tokyo Motor Show: A Brief Look Into The Future

I’m sure by now you have been able to see coverage from the 2015 44th Tokyo Motor Show. People come from literately, all over the world to bring you exclusive and live coverage of the new and up coming concept cars coming from the main automotive companies. One of the this years widely anticipated concept cars had to be the Mazda RX- Vision.
Everyone was dying to know if the Japanese automotive company would be reviving the rotary engine for the next generation of sports cars. Of course, the details on this was incredibly vague. Hell, we honestly don’t know if this concept would turn into a production vehicle, but Mazda did say they ‘hope’ to create a front engine, rear wheel drive sports car powered with the next generation rotary engine.
I will have to take more pictures later this week due to the fact I was hired by a client to take pictures of the RX-Vision (Sorry). Thus, lets take a look at another concept car in the time being that also cause a few waves at the show
From the Master mind of Nissan, they have created this gorgeous Concept GT sports car
I honestly think this car is more of an work of art and should be placed in the Guggenheim Museum with those beautiful body lines.
You can see remissness of the GTR in the rear of the car. Honestly, to me, it was the most beautiful part of the car. It’s no coincidence that the ‘release’ date for the GT is the same as the Tokyo Olympics (2020). I’m quite eager to see if Nissan reaches their goal and how much of this design will remain, if any of it, when put into production.
I’m not sure why, but I kind of like this. Nissan Gripz Concept Epowered vehicle.
Another highly anticipated vehicle was Honda’s NSX.
We have been teased for years it seemed about the design, and actual release date of the car into production. It kind of lost it’s anticipation however since the car has been in the hands of other automotive journalist in the US already.
Now, something Honda needs to get on immediately is THIS! Honda’s Project 2&4 powered by RC213V
This thing looks like a more aggressive looking Aerial Atom and I’m such a fan! Forget the NSX, I want to drive this around a track! (I will still take the NSX if someone is offering of course ^__^ )
If they don’t make the 2&4, I wonder if Honda can regain some of its fans with the Type R. Yes, it will be the first factor turbocharged Civic Type R, but will it make it to American shores?
Yeah..This is the Honda UNI-CUB B… #becausejapan?
The 2016 Audi R8 V10 plus is Audi’s attempt to revamp the already spectacular Audi R8
With the new exterior looks made from new aluminium and carbon fiber, the V10 Plus is not only lighter than its predecessor but also has better rigidity.
The interior is also a pleasant place to be in. I mean.. it is an R8. I’m still not sure how I feel about the trend of having a million buttons on the steering wheel though.
A good look of that beautiful 5.2L V10
Not packing the same kind of HP as the V10 Plus, but also a fun little car to throw around: Fiat 500 Abarth 595. Wow thats a lot of numbers..
I absolutely love this Lexus RC-F GT Concept. Based on the RC F sports, this monster is lowered, widen and lighten.
I.. Want… One..
Since we are on the topic of GT concepts, Mercedes also had their GT3 AMG version present at the show.
Just as the designers say about their bat s***t insane GT3 car, from whatever angle you look at this car, this car embodies sheer, and unadulterated power.
It’s a little hard to believe that the GT3 AMG spawned from the production GTS AMG. But then again, the GTS AMG is another insane car. Under that long hood lies the monster of a 4.0L Bituro AMG V8.
I’m honestly not sure what to say about the F015. I know it’s more of a technological show piece and shows what Mercedes’s engineers can do but… Yah.. I’m going to just leave it at that for now.
The Jaguar F Type R has been out for a while, but I love the tail lights on the 2016. Good job designers!
Ken Okuyama was present showing off 3 of their world premier cars that was based off the cars at last years Tokyo Motor Show.
Radical RXC showing off their race car powered by Ford EcoBoost Engine
Last but not least, Porsche! Porsche Cayman GT4
And the 911 GT3 RS.
I know that over the years, hell generations, the 911 overall design ‘rarely’ changes but this one is visually stunning from all angles. I think this is a perfect way to end our coverage on the 44th Tokyo Motor Show. Like I said before, I’ll have to go back again and get more pictures on some of the other cars I took for my client such as the RX-Vision, but in the mean time, enjoy!

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