Shibuya Hunting: Fujita San’s Audi A6 Avant

Shibuya Hunting: Fujita San’s Audi A6 Avant

“Are we good on time???” I yelled to Fujita San as I quickly moved around his car to take another picture. “Your good!” he yelled back while taking pictures of his car with his cell phone. ” Are we still good on time???” I yelled once again a few seconds later. “Yaaaaaaaaaahhh you have plenty of time! It’s ok!!” he yelled back. I could tell in his voice he was trying to reassure me that I had plenty of time to keep taking pictures. *DINGG DINGG DINNG DINNNG DINNNNG DINNNG* “OHHH SH*****”
This is what the camera captured shortly after we heard the ring from the crossing letting us know that a train was approaching. There is a moral to this story, but I’ll save that for later.
The story actually begins about 10 months ago when I first spotted Fujita San’s 2007 Audi A6 Avant while waiting for some friends. Back then, it was wrapped in a bright lime green color.
After introducing myself to Fujita San and his friends, One of them looked me dead in the eyes and whispered, “You know he’s a gangster”. I could tell he was trying to see what my reaction would be so I simply smiled back and replied back to him Japanese “Oh well, that doesn’t bother me”. They looked shocked, then laughed and ever since then, we have all been good friends. I guess I passed the test.
Since then, we have been playing tag with each other trying to schedule a date. Two reasons that made this task difficult; Fujita San wanted the shoot at night, and he wanted it in Shibuya.
Normally, shooting at night in Shibuya isn’t a problem. The problem is it is damn near impossible unless you shoot around 2:00am if not later. Anytime before this and you might as well forget it. People are out after work looking for their second place (or third) to keep drinking at, and the influx of taxis driving around is absurd. I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything less. This IS Tokyo.
Fujita San has been customizing his Audi ever since he bought it. Like others I’ve talked with in this kind of customization scene, the goal is to have the most unique car of their kind. Thus, no expense was spared.
Foward tilting hood, widened fenders, front grill and side mirrors which come from a Audi RS6, the front bumper from a Audi Q3 and a front lip spoiler from a R8 are just some of the parts Fujita San sourced out for his Avant.
It’s always, however, the little details that tend to have the greatest impact. I can’t remember how many times I saw Fujita San’s car at different events and never noticed the details in the headlamps.
In the rear, more parts can be found off of a RS6, along with a custom one off muffler, and the roof rail deletion.
Of course, the 21″ 11J P101 HRE Wheels help pull the whole exterior image together.
Hiding (poorly I might add) are the lime green, massive 8 Pot Brembo Brakes
Oh, and Lamborghini Doors. On All…. Four… Doors.. This thing looks like a freaking transformer when everything is opened. Every time we opened the doors up, a small crowd would appear and want to take pictures and try and figure out wtf it is.
The interior was redone with leather accents that matches the lime green accents on the exterior. A custom Ipad mount which seems so perfectly integrated that you would think it was a stock feature. Oh, if you also spotted that little gray box on the armrest, that’s for the hydraulics. Yes, hydraulics.
As the sirens blared from the train crossing, and Fujita San scrambled to his car, quickly raised his car and sped off just as the gate were coming down. “He’s such a idiot” his wife said to me while laughing. The station masters didn’t find it so funny and kindly asked us not to do it anymore. Which brings me back to the moral story; If you are going to shoot at night in Shibuya, do it in the late hours in the morning when everyone is already back home, in the clubs, singing drunk in a karaoke bar, or a love hotel. Oh the life of photographer in Japan.

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