1JZ and 2 JZ Meet: The Rise Of The Inline 6

1JZ and 2 JZ Meet: The Rise Of The Inline 6

Ahh, the mighty mighty JZ engines. Loved by car enthusiasts all over the world, these engines are shoved in more cars than … well..maybe I should stop that train of thought.
Anyways, these engines are known for their ability to create immense amounts of power while remaining incredibility reliable, among other great traits. Therefore, their engines and the cars that they were originally put in are very popular in the tuning community. Especially in the drifting scene. So, of course when there is a meet where nothing but 1JZ and 2JZ gather at Fuji Speedways and drift all day, I couldn’t resist.
As I had stated before, even the original cars that the 1JZ and 2JZ called home are very popular among the tuning and drifting world. The Mark II or also commonly known as the JZX100 (100 Mark II). The Mark II’s have a emblem that looks like a little star
Toyota Crestas. In this case, a third Gen. Crestas
JZX 100 Chaser. They emblems that resemble a bow and arrow
The Mark X which, honestly doesn’t have an Inline 6 but a V6. However, who cares! It still goes sideways!
Toyota Soarer (Lexus SC 300)
Mark II Blit. I’ve never seen one before let alone one being thrown around like this. Very cool
JZX 110 Verossa. Very interesting front..
The biggest one (maybe besides the Blit) The Toyota Crown
And of course, the MK IV Supra
The great thing about the event (besides that it was a drift event full of 1JZ and 2JZ),but it was a mix between regular and pro drivers
The Pros and ‘non Pros’ would take turns hitting the track
Of course, it always exciting to watch the Pros go out there in their highly modified drifting machines
However, watching the ‘Non’ Pros is just as exciting
And sometimes, even a little bit more. He came just a little too close for comfort on this pass and as a result, I was pelted in rubber. But would I do it all over again?
We are always use to seeing the MK IV Supra being turned into a 1000WHP+, super car killing, drag monster. So seeing one being thrown around was quite the treat.
A lot of other people besides me also loved watching the Supra drift on the track
Since the owner is one of my clients friends, I had an opportunity to ride along for a session. However, I had other priorities that took president :( But next time, I promise I’m in there!
Itsya Mark II with a very interesting hood cut out.
Evangelion fans anyone?
So… This car is quite interesting and you noticed that I said THIS CAR and not a particular name.
Yep.. That’s right. This just happened. Once more, #becauseJapan. Thoughts?
As I said before, I had another assignment besides this event coverage. If you want to see full coverage on Hiba San’s Ridox Supra, you can by clicking HERE . We are almost done here so it’s ok!
Another look at that Blit.
Another Mark II JZX110 Chaser. Yes, the Feels
All and all, it was a very fun and exciting event. Like I said before, who doesn’t love them some 1JZ and 2JZ Inline 6 action. Drifting AND Feature coverage all in one event. Yeah, it was another good day being a photographer in Japan.

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