Welcome To Tokyo Tuner’s Blog

Welcome To Tokyo Tuner’s Blog

Greetings everyone and welcome to our first blog post! For those whom have been keeping up with us, reaching out to us and asking about upcoming events and other things, THANK YOU!!
Our aim is to not only to bring everyone great coverage about our clients cars, but rather tell stores about them, their owners, the events, and the whole Japanese tuning culture as a whole. All of course, at professional quality. So with that said, I guess I can talk about how I (maybe later, we will do a section on each of the members) became a professional photographer in Japan. Before moving to Tokyo, I use to live in America working as a rocket engineer (yes this true). That in itself is another story entirety but long story short, I’ve always wanted to be around cars ever since I was 5 years old and Rockets, as cool as they are, are not cars.
I had been playing around with cameras for a few years taking pictures of cars as a hobby, but nothing too serious. When a very close friend of mine passed 2 years ago, it acted as the catalyst for me to REALLY try and turn my new found passion into some sort of reality. I mean, if all else fails.. I have one hell of a backup plan.
Thus, around June of last year, I packed up my stuff and moved to Tokyo. Then, the intense grinding began.
Everyday I was out taking pictures: Cars, studio shoots, landscape, architecture.
Gundams, everything. I converted my Tumblr site to look more like a genuine website since it was free and at the time, you couldn’t bother me with Word Press. I even lived on a couch for an entire year to save money while I hustled.
As time went on, I kept pushing myself to learn more about photography as a whole, and not just automotive photography.
More and more people started to recognize me and ask me to come to their shops to take pictures of their demo cars and shop.
Individual owners started to reach out to me as well to take pictures as well.
Mag 2
That’s when I started working for a Magazine taking pictures and writing the features as well. It was a great way to travel all over Japan, interact with all different kinds of people, and of course, be around all types of cool and crazy cars.
Earlier this year, I was hired by the Japanese Government to travel to Kurihara with a team from Yoshimoto company, and Kurihara officials and take pictures for their Tohoku PR campaign. That was probably one of the most difficult, and yet, rewarding jobs I’ve ever done. Not just as a photographer, but in general. Rockets had never brought me this kind of happiness and satisfaction as being able to help an area that was devastated by the 2011 Earthquake / Tsunami.
Now.. Well, you kind of see where we are at now. Of course I have a long way to go in learning the traits of automotive photography as it is a field where you should never be satisfied with your currently level. However, would I do it all over again?
In a heart beat.
That’s kind of my shorten version on how I became a photographer in Japan. We will use the blog section to focus more on the ‘behind the scenes’ and give more of an insight on what’s like living in Tokyo, upcoming events, traveling around and of course, the car culture in Japan.

About Celestine Photography

Traveling automotive photographer that is currently living in Shinjuku, Japan (新宿、日本). I some times go by the name Rurounin Photographer where 'Rurouni' comes from the fact that I tend to be a wonder and never know where I'll end up, but that's the adventure in it.

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