D1 Tokyo Drift And Liberty Walk: But Mostly Liberty Walk

D1 Tokyo Drift And Liberty Walk: But Mostly Liberty Walk

It all started as an invitation from Obuchi san to come join him and the Liberty Walk family at D1 in Odaiba. Liberty Walk was planning on, and in fact did buy out a large section of the grand stance to watch their newest creation make its debut on the drifting scene: Their Monster sponsored Lamborghini Murcielago.
The original plan was to come and enjoy the car show that was going on outside of the drifiting stage, hang out with Liberty Walk, network with some of their other partners, and then watch D1 with them and possibly take pictures of the Murcielago afterwards. However, me being the brilliant automotive photographer that I am, forgot my very expensive tripod on the overhead shelf on the Yurikamome line which meant we were leaving the event earlier than expected to try and go find it. Spoiler Alert: It was found by the station master and I was able to pick it up the next day! Thank you Japan!
Just as Liberty Walk had taken up a large section of the grand stance, they also took up a large section of the car show parking just outside of the drifting stage.
As usually, when Liberty Walk rolls to an event, they roll deep! Thus, the their entire parking sections was full of the usual R35’s and an assortment of Lamborghinis.
However, one of my favorite R35’s from the lot was this white R35 sporting red Forgiato wheels.
This one had the interior redone by CPL co. ltd which matched the same color as the Forgiato wheels.
One of my favorite Lamborghini’s had to be this Murcielago painted in this crimson red color. Again, CPL co. ltd had their way with this beautiful machine.
It’s no secret by now that I have a soft spot for Lamborghini. They were my childhood poster car after all.
They looked so aggressive and over the top that I simply can’t help myself but to love them. Then Liberty Walk gets their hands on them and well.. You get these beautiful masterpieces which has stolen the hearts of people all over the world.
A perfect example of this can be seen in their BMW M4. I know the thing now and days is to have bolt on overfender wide body kits and what not, but for some reason, it just works on this.
I also love the whole aircraft inspired theme going on. ALWAYS check for FOD ladies and gentleman.
Fujii San was at the event with his Matte Orange GTR and his brand new toy: This bright yellow Ferrari 458 Italia
When we were taking pictures of Fujii san’s Orange GTR a little while back, he mentioned to me that he had a 458 in the works and he wanted me to see it when it was finally finished.
So it didn’t come to me as a surprise when he asked me to come and take a look at it.
However, what DID surprise the hell out of me was when he handed me the keys to it and basically said play around with it. Of course I couldn’t drive it around due to it being in the middle of the car show but I made damn sure everyone within a 200m radius could hear me. God I want one now..
After having a little fun with Fujii San’s 458, I decided we should take a look at some of the other cars around the area. Star Road’s S30 was present and accounted for.
I don’t care how many times you see one of Star Road’s creations, it will always make you smile. Obsession to detail is a requirement at Star Road when bringing new life to some of Japan’s greatest classic cars.
Speaking of obsession to detail, WELDS and their Scion (yes Scion) FRS is another prime example of this.
I mean, look at this engine bay! The entire car was meticulously put together and elements of this can be seen all over the car. Absolutely stunning.
I think this FD RX7 has enough down force to tear up Tsukaba Circuit
But if not, this track ready EG Civic has it covered. It’s not often we find Honda let alone track ready monsters such as this.
So when I found this Accord next to the track ready EG, I could only think of two things: 1) Oh look, a nicely done Honda. 2) DAMN!! look at that engine bay and TURBO! I mean, it’s not the biggest turbo in the world but is far beyond the point. It size is perfect for this car and isn’t over the top. It’s perfect.
I think we will wrap this up with one more of Liberty Walk’s Lamborghini, and what a better way than a BRIGHT pink Murcielago!
I mean, really. Lamborghini has always been known for being.. well, as I said before, over the top and aggressive. Bright colors just tend to work with Lambos and even this bright pink and black combo works. Well, at least for me anyways. What do you think?
With that, we end our segment and the day with Liberty Walk. We may not have been able to fulfill everything we planned on doing (again, totally my fault), but I promise you, you will see more great and crazy things out of the Liberty Walk workshop. Why? Because Japan. That’s why.

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