Love Everything Honda? Then This Is The Event For You!

Love Everything Honda? Then This Is The Event For You!

That’s right ladies in gentleman! If you happen to be in Japan this weekend and JUST HAPPEN to be a Honda fan, then this is an event you simple can’t miss!
Just like Nissan did for Nismo Fest last weekend, Honda is throwing a ‘Honda Racing Thanks Day’! Live Performances, F1, Moto GP, Super GT racing and much more will be there!

Location: Motegi Twin Racing Circuits, Japan
Date: 12/6/2015
Time: 8:00 – 16:00
Price: 2,000 円 Adults, Kids Free (Until Middle School Age), 1,000 円 Parking

More information can be found HERE ! (You will have to translate the page from Japanese to English)

** Getting to Motegi by public transportation can be a MASSIVE pain, so its highly recommended that you rent a car if possible. There is also a bus reservation application HERE but use at your own risk o.o….**

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