Grassroots Car Meet You Say? Yes Please!

Grassroots Car Meet You Say? Yes Please!

For those who are going to be in Tokyo this weekend, I have good news!! If you haven’t figured out by the name of the title, there will be a car meet this Saturday in the Saitama. This will be a good old parking lot meet in Kamisato where all kinds of cars will be welcomed: Stance, Drift, VIP, Customs, Etc..

Location: Kamisato SA Parking, Saitama, Japan (Link To Map Here)
Date: 12/12/2015
Time: 19:30 – 0:00
Facebook Event Page

That’s the good news! Now, the bad news. You are most likely going to need a rental car to get to this location. Just like Daikokufuto PA and Tatsumi PA, they are not accessible by public transpiration (IE Trains). The second bit of bad news, and honestly, it’s not really bad news but more of a heads up. Since this will be more of a local, grassroots car meet, it might be very difficult to communicate with everyone and due to a different engagement, I cannot make this meet to help. Everyone is really friendly and will do their very best to welcome you if you make an attempt to be friendly as well! Enjoy~

**PS: This car meet is at a rest stop on the toll express way, so bring crash!**

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