Freax Friday: USDM Car Meet

Freax Friday: USDM Car Meet

Holy CRAP it was a cold night! It was one of those nights where the wind just cuts right through all your layers of clothing. What was even worse then the layer cutting wind was having to expose your hands to this same wind to take pictures. Yes, you could wear gloves but unless you have one of ‘those’ kind of gloves, it becomes cumbersome.
As a photographer, there are a few basic preferences that we have in mind when taking pictures. The first is obviously lighting. They don’t call that magical time frame ‘Golden Hour’ just because it sounds cool. Night time shooting might not be the ‘Golden Hour’ but can still make for dramatic shots. What makes shooting at night a nightmare is when you have to deal with multiple light sources, all which have different colors of illumination. Because the meet was on the Route 16 near the Air Force Base, it had this problem.
The second basic preference that a photographer would like to have is time. When I mean time, I mean not feeling rushed to take pictures. Rush photos equate to rush quality. When taking pictures at night, you need to really take your time in setting up and making sure everything will come out the way you want. Since the meet was on the RT 16, which is basically a mini 4 lane highway near the base, cars were constantly coming. Even though we are in Japan, I wouldn’t advise standing in the middle of the road with oncoming traffic for too long.. Just trust me on this one…
OK! enough of my ranting. You didn’t come here to listen to me rave about the harsh conditions. You came hear to look at some event coverage and see whats up with this USDMFREAX car meet.
USDMFREAX, if you haven’t guessed from the name, is a group of people who have a fasanation with USDM cars. Well, it actually goes a little deeper than just USDM cars.
It’s actually more of a group of people who like USDM culture and Hip Hop culture. I mean, I haven’t heard this much hip hop music playing from somewhere other than my apartment or some clubs in Roppongi.
They said it.. Not me. I just took the picture. That’s all.
One of the great things about this car meet was the ironic fact that since it was such a small meet, it was very laid back and very chill. Something you just don’t see at a lot of meets in the Tokyo area.
Another great thing about this meet was everything was accepted: USDM, EURO, JDM, Motorcycles, Bikes, Scooters, you name it, somebody brought it.
Oh! I forgot to mention Korean cars as well! I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw a Hyundai Genesis out in the wild.
Can’t go wrong with Vossens CVT wheels.
Speaking of not seeing something that often in Japan, this SLAMMED, Oni camber, 6 tail pipe Scion XB really took the cake.
I mean… #becausejapan? Oh.. It’s static too.
For those who are not hip to this 86, please feel free to take a look HERE for our full feature coverage on Roberts AE86. It will be worth your time I promise!
A pair of 3 series BMW convertibles rolled in together a little late in the meet. Everything about this is so simple and yet, so clean. I wouldn’t be driving with the top down though.. Too cold for that mess.
Wagon love anyone?
Would we consider this a VIP build? I mean, of course we would need to take a look on the inside to fully verify this but if we were just looking at the outside, what do you think? We may need to take another look at this one later down the line ;)
My love for G’s. Really missing my G35 right about now.
Since we rarely have coverage of Honda’s / Accords (not for any reason in particular I might add!) here is a fully built Honda EG.
Of course, you gotta have Skylines. Again, simple and yet so clean. Would you rock this stance though?
As I said before, everything was welcomed at this car meet and that included vehicles on two wheels: Motorcycles, custom Scooters and even custom Ruckus.
As the night went on, random construction began killing the vibe of the meet. The construction also caused a bottleneck on RT 16 which made trying to take pictures even more difficult. The finally nail in the coffin was the drop in temperature. There was only so much we all could take before just calling it quits.
We hung out inside the shop for a little while longer before making our way back to Tokyo. Overall, I say it was a pretty cool meet. Whenever you can get together with enthusiast of all different walks of life, there’s no way you can’t enjoy your self. Of course, the hip hop music was an added plus!

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