Sasaki San’s Acura TSX: Brought To You By Vossen

Sasaki San’s Acura TSX: Brought To You By Vossen

I mean really. Everywhere you looked on Sasaki San’s 2009 Acura TSX Wagon, you would find something marked in Vossen decals. Hell, even Sasaki San himself was wearing a Vossen wrist band when we first met at our shooting location near Hamamatsucho station. Lets put all this Vossen stuff on pause however and start from the beginning shall we?
I have been thinking to myself for a long time now and if you have been following us for a while (thank you!), you may have noticed that we really don’t have any real Honda coverage.
I promise you it’s not by design, but as I stated before, you rarely see modified Honda’s roaming around here in the Tokyo area for whatever reason. So, like anything in life, if you want something, you have to actually try and look for it!
That’s when I saw Sasaki San’s TSX Wagon on Facebook as a ‘recommended friend’ and of course, since Facebook recommended him to me, it only made sense I reached out to him. When he pulled up to shooting location, I knew it was bound to be a good day at the photography office.
Sasaki San is a man who loves DIY projects and I’ll get to all of that in a second, but he actually took DIY to the next level.
Sasaki San’s main source of income is working at an Honda assembly plant. So when it came time to trade in his Honda S2000 for something a little ‘bigger’ and unique, he actually bought the VIN number at the factory. He then proceeded to build the entire car himself at the factory. Yes… the ENTIRE car.
Other details that were DIY projects are the Halo rings and red eye projectors in the black housing headlamps.
The grill mesh was made out of a sheet of aluminium and then punched to create the mesh design.
Once again, the same for the bottom grill’s mesh.
The taillights which were inspired by the next generation of TSX taillights were also were created by Sasaki San.
Finally, the most eye catching thing, well maybe besides the massive Vossen VLE-1 Limited Edition wheels are the unique ‘flower’ looking vinyl decorating all of the aerokit.
Its so subtle and yet, it works so well with the car and I’m not 100% sure why it does. So when I asked Sasaki San why he decided to do something like this, his answer was quite simple.
“Because no one really does something like this, and I really like the design.” I have to agree, I never seen anything like it before. Sticker bombing, yeah all the time, but nothing like this.
The use of the vinyl can be seen on the inside as well covering all of the plastic trim pieces.
One of the perks of having a Wagon: Lots of space in the trunk to fit a nice size JBL amplifier and woofer setup.
NOW, back to the whole Vossen thing. As I stated before, the MOST eye catching thing has to be the Vossen VLE-1 Limited Edition Wheels.
Voessen is a Miami based wheel company which are becoming hugely popular among the luxury car brands and are starting to become a staple wheel combo setup for the VIP crowd as well and I can definitely understand why.
Only 400 sets of the VLE-1 were ever created and Sasaki San has 074. Talk about being in an exclusive ownership club. An EXPENSIVE one at that…
The fitment couldn’t be any better on this TSX which just swallow’s these massive 20″ wheels. You could say it’s almost “too perfect”
All through out the photo shoot, crowds of people, like myself, were drawn in by the massive VLE-1 Wheels and just had to take pictures of the car. People would even pose and have full blown conversation about the car right in the middle of the shoot. I guess this is why you try and find remote locations to work right?
It caused quite a stir that even the parking enforcers had to stop by and see what all the commotion was.
It’s funny that before moving to Japan, I use to not really be a fan of Wagons. I would constantly get in ‘debates’ with my old roommate about why he loved wagons so much. After spending the day with Sasaki San and his Acura TSX Wagon, I fully understand now. I left that photo shoot wanting to own a wagon now. How about you, the readers? would you own a wagon?
**PS: I promise this wont be the last time you see Sasaki Sans TSX. In fact, I foresee a future of Vossen coverage ;) **

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