Daikokufuto New Years Meet: Yokosou 2016

Daikokufuto New Years Meet: Yokosou 2016

Welcome to 2016! Only in Japan can you get car enthusiasts of all different types to gather in one spot on a little truck stop island to bring in the New Years. I remember last year was my first time at this car meet and I was simply blown away. I thought that New Years car meet couldn’t be topped. I mean, there was a freaking P1 that showed up to the meet for crying out loud. Oh, how wrong was I..
For those that don’t know, let me give you some background information on Daikokufuto. As I stated before, it is basically a truck stop on a little island near Yokohama. Back in the day, the area use to be a staging point for illegal racing but due to increase in police activity (and wanting to be safe..) that has ceased…For the most part anyways
Now the area is known as one of the famous car meeting locations along with Tatsumi PA. Long story short, it is the epicenter for Tokyo car meets.
As we arrived to the event bright an early, the parking lot was already filled with cars. Groups and car clubs would drive in together and had there own little section such as the Alfa Romero’s and their Giulia Sprinter GT’s
The grandfather to the Mitsubishi Evo’s, the Mitsubishi Galant FTO.
The FTO, which stands for Fresco Turismo Omologato, was Japan’s attempt for giving the customers a Japanese sports car with an Italian flare.
I simply love how the owner brought new life into this FTO and at the same time, didn’t overdue it. At least in my opinion anyways.
Directly next to the FTO was a group of TVR enthusiasts. I always thought they had an inter.. I mean ‘unique’ front end.
I absolutely love this FC. I know a lot of people love the FD body styling (I do too) but recently, the FC has started to grow on me.
Just like the car meet last year, you could sense that the Japanese really do love their European exotic counterparts. Herds of Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s were in abundance.
However, three Ferrari’s stood out the most. The first one being this absolutely stunning Testarossa.
I love it so much, that I can almost promise you that you will see something involving this car in the near future.
The second Ferrari that caught my attention was the Dino.
Classic body styling, gated 5 speed shiftier, and the entire sky as your roof. What a great vehicle for a Sunday drive.
And then, this 330 P3/4 showed up to the meet. Only in Japan can you take a full blown race car, put some plates on it and drive it on the streets. I mean really, that is amazing and insane all at the same time.
Any Pantera fans out there? I really wanted to find the owner and try and schedule something but it just wasn’t meant to be. Yet…
You can never go wrong with an NSX. Especially when they are modified in a ‘tasteful’ manner.
Or even simply stock. The car will always be a desirable car to enthusiast.
Probably just as desirable if not more than the NSX, the R34 GTR: Godzilla
The R32 GTR is hugely popular among the service members and a crowd of them showed up to the car meet.
AMERRRIKKKAKAAAA!! Ok, I’ll stop now.
Ok I lie, lets look at some more American cars. Willy’s and some of the cars from Andy’s Rod Works came and brought their vintage American steel with them.
I’m not entirely sure why, but I’m digging the Model B Woodie.
Still American steel, but in the polar opposite direction, we have Chevy Low riders.
Candy paint, insane paint jobs, hydraulics hopping, it was all there. It really reminded me of the next car event that we attended last year.
Which would you choose? It’s a pretty tough decision isn’t it?
One of my favorite 370z at the car meet
Can’t go wrong with VIP Modulars.
As the weather started to warm up, people began heading out from the event and on to the next car meet.
And then, we all heard a VERY loud noise coming down the off ramp and heading our direction. Everyone was wondering what would could it be? Out of all the cars in the world, no one was guessing a Koenigsegg CCX was making all that noise.
Before it could even park, people were surrounding the car. It was basically like a flash mob, but I mean, who could blame them.. er us.
Not only is this car worth well over 1 million USD, but it was tuned by Scoot, changing the exhaust to a straight configuration.
The cockpit looked tight from the outside, but when I was able to get a closer look, I fully realized how cramped it really is. I don’t think that would stop me from trying to get all 183cm of me in there though.
I can’t make any promises, but we MIGHT be able to give you a little more coverage on this masterpiece in the near future! Just hang tight with us!
As we rolled out from Daikokufuto, I could only think to myself how happy I was to wake up at 5am to make sure I didn’t miss this amazing opportunity. Only in Japan can you gather such amazing cars and enthusiast in one place and just spend a beautiful Sunday morning together. 流石日本!我々愛してる!

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