Tokyo Auto Salon 2016: Chapter 1

Tokyo Auto Salon 2016: Chapter 1

Ahh it’s that time again ladies and gentlemen where we all gather at Makuhari Messe Exhibition Halls and see what all the custom shops and individual tuners have been up to during the last couple of months. Tokyo Auto Salon is basically the equivlanent to tuners as Tokyo Motor Show is to ‘main stream’ companies. Of course they are showing off their show cars and selling products, but it’s also an excellent time for companies to negotiate. As a photographer, the ability to neogitae and to talk with these companies are essecental for setting up future photography oppertunities. The only reason why I’m even mentioning this (besides a little PSA for other photographers out there) is we took full advantage of this opportunity and we will be bringing you some incredible and ‘EXCLUSIVE’ coverage in the next coming days! That being said, not much sleep will be had this weekend but hey, that’s the life of a photographer at times! You just have to think of it as being back in college cramming for that midterm test. Something like that anyways..
Anywho, back to the subject at hand! Tokyo Auto Salon had so much going on that honestly the most difficult part is figuring out how to write about it and to make sure it follows some logical order. The event was held in the massive exhibit halls and everywhere that the eye could see was cars and products! Perfect!
Similar to last year, BRS /FRS/GT86 was a very popular platform for the tuning companies. With it being so highly popular in the Global market, it makes perfect sense.
Some exciting news though was Subaru finally released something that we all wish they would have released from the beginning: The STI version of the BRZ. We will take another look at it a little later I promise!
Can you also guess which car was also very popular for these companies to work on? Here’s your hint!
That’s right! The new Roadster. With it being recently released, everyone was curious how to see what some of the tuning companies would do with it. Aimgain GT version was one of our favorites. Of course, the stance / overfenders look was very popular.
Surprisingly, there was quite a few American vehicles there this year such as this Mustang.
However my favorite had to be this Challenger. Honestly I have never been THAT much of a fan of them (they are HUGE) but this one: I want. I wonder how hard it would be driving one through Tokyo.
I remember last year how shocked I was how many companies had Lamborghinis and Ferraris as show cars.
You really don’t consider them cars that you buy and then mess with it which is what makes them even more cool in most peoples eyes. Of course, Liberty Walk is one of the masters of this
S&Company’s Aventador
Just like last year, Roberuta brought out their lineup of exotics equipped with their air ride system. Gotta make sure you don’t smash your precious and very expensive front end.
We met with Garage Ill last year at the Nagoya Auto Trend and was very excited to see what they were going to bring to Auto Salon this year. This R8 is just… nuts. Absolutely, positively nuts! And I love it! I love it so much that I promise you will see more of this car in the VERY near future *hint hint*
Another car I love recently is the Nissan er I mean Infiniti Skyline.. Yeah we are still not sure why Nissan decided to place it under the badge of Infiniti but I’m sure they have it all figured out. The front end has to be the most appealing part of this car for me and the Impul body kit with it does wonders.
It wouldn’t be Japan with Gundams right? SIG ZEON!!!
When you see it, you’ll know
AS we said before, this is a great oppertunity for companies to not only show off their demo cars, but there new parts as well. I have good news for you TE37 loving nuts (lets face it we all love them), a new line up is coming!
Just because you love them sooo much, we will give you two angles of them!
Another set of wheels that people are huge fans of are Vossen Wheels. I promise you, we are about to overload you with Vossen in the next couple of days. Get ready!
Vossen, Modera Japan and Hamana partnered together this year and brought out three absolutuly stunning cars. One of them is this incredible GTS AMG. What about the other two? Again, we are about to overload you with coverage so.. its coming
You have to love the work that Akrapovic puts into their exhaust system. I’m so glad they put this mirror underneath the car so we could fully appreciate it. Now, only if we could hear it sing to us..
One of Formula D’s Godzilla? Check!
I mean.. Look at this engine bay. Guess this is what 1,100 HP looks like. Damn
Think this is a good place to stop for chapter 1. Stick with us as we be releasing chapter 2 shortly! Next chapter will look at some more cars from the show we liked, the kick off to Formula D, and of course, the things that make you go.. only in Japan

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