Tokyo Auto Salon 2016: Chapter 2

Tokyo Auto Salon 2016: Chapter 2

Welcome to the second chapter of our coverage of this years Tokyo Auto Salon. If you haven’t yet, please feel free to take a look back at chapter 1 to see the previous event coverage! Don’t worry, we will wait :)
And welcome back! We will kick things off with some action outside the main exhibition halls where they were starting Formula D. They had all the cars lined up for the spectators to see but only a few actually participated in this event.
The circuit was a very tight, 4 turns course in one of the parking lots near the exhibition hall. They talked about different ways to initiate the drifts and had a few performances.
After the performances, a few tandem battles took off with the main two cars in the spot light being Toyo Tire’s R35 GTR and OTG’s Lexus LFA
The course being so tight, it was crazy how close we were able to get to all the action. Like… Realllllly close. Every time they would make a pass by, it was like being sprayed in a cologne of tire smoke, exhaust fumes and a dab of tire chunks for ‘just in case’
After the excitement outside died off, we continued to walk around in the main exhibition halls trying to look around before the main doors opened up and the place became a zoo.
No matter how many times I see Star Roads S30 or Hakosuka, I can’t help but to be drawn to them and take pictures of it.
You see what I mean? Timeless styling with a hint of new styling. Love it.
When I first saw this 2000GT, I was a little confused to why it had been labeled R3000GT. So, when I asked why it was called a R3000GT, he told me that a few ‘modifications’ had been done to this 2000GT Super Replica. The body was designed entirely using 3D CAD software and the power plant is no longer the MF10 but a straight 6 2JZ-GE engine. Thus, the 3000GT. Oh, the R stands for Rocky Auto.
While walking around, A good friend of mine from Mercury Garage flagged me down and told me about their new project at their shop: This 350z. It has the same kit as their previous drop top version just now in the coupe version. He tells me however, they are going to make another convertible version so now you can choose: Hard or Soft :)
When it comes to engine work, Tomei is one of the bests. I mean, even their name has ‘The Engine Specialist’ in it.
So, what are our thoughts on the new Full Pandem E36 Wide Body Aero Kit? If you love it and you gotta have it now, it will only set you back about 3,500 USD
Garage G Force, the specialist in Evo’s was there with one of their time attack builds. Truly a beautiful looking monster.
Another beautiful looking machine would have to be this FD RX7. I wonder which one would win around Tsukuba Circuit… Any Bets?
Just love me some Lamborghinis. OK sorry
I really do like the I8’s and the whole concept behind them. I know its just an advertisement warping for Autobacs but MAN that is a lot of orange!!
Lets change gears a little bit and look at some of the more ‘interesting’ cars that TAS had to offer this year starting of with this mini ‘GTR’ from Birichino Special.
Of course right next to the mini GT-R was the Hello Special (はろーすぺしゃる) K-pickup truck and their… mascot?
Er… K-Monster truck? Sure why not Garage-Z1.
This K-truck actually had a nice little crowd around it but probably not for the reasons your thinking of.
The truck has Kanji written all over it which really don’t make any sense when looking for an exact meaning. However, when looking at it closer, it makes the same sounds as Keitora or K-truck. Cleaver huh.
Last but not least, we can’t have TAS with out taking a look at some of the most banging sound system I have ever seen since the next auto custom show a while back.
This 300 looks more like a transformer built out of speakers.
I’m loving the trunk set up with the built in I-Pad controller which allows you to select music what you want without having to be inside the car because inside the car is STUPID loud.
Speaking of stupid loud, this Accord wagon next to the 300 was probably even louder.
27 Speakers. Yes. 27 speakers are in this Accord.
This concludes our second chapter on Tokyo Auto Salon 2016. We will be releasing a few small mini features on some cars we really thought were interesting from TAS 2016. Our team was much bigger this year compared to last year and even with the extra members, it was still incredibly busy. Head over to our Video section to see some of our coverage from TAS 2016!

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