Subaru BRZ STI Concept: The Car We Wish They Released Years Ago

Subaru BRZ STI Concept: The Car We Wish They Released Years Ago

This years Tokyo Auto Salon was was very exciting for us hear at Tokyo Tuner. Hanging with old friends, meeting new ones and all centered around cars. While roaming around the sea of cars in the exhibit halls, there were a few tuning companies that stood out to us and made us want to know more about their cars. One of those tuning companies wasn’t exactly a tuning company but Subaru and their BRZ STI Concept car.
At first glance, the only thing I could think of was ‘YES! Yes to EVERYTHING!’
From every angle, this car looks absolutely stunning. The Classic ‘STI Blue’ now in a matte color and bits of carbon fiber aero is on the entire car: From front spoiler to rear diffuser.
As I said before, from every angle this car is stunning and the front is no exception to this. The headlamp house, of course made of carbon fiber, houses a projectors and lights that resemble a honeycomb cluster. I also love the large (check mark ?) light which strangely reminds me of the Lexus’s lights but flipped upside down. I wonder if it will be functional as well..
The door handle to enter is similar to the R35’s but once you open it, a beautiful hidden STI is carved into the handle. It’s all in the details and this might have been one of the most elegant details I saw at TAS 2016.
The inside is a beautiful place to be in with the Recaro seats for both driver and passenger.
The steering wheel has some new toys to play with such as Sports Sharp button, a stop watch and suspension setup.
The red knob allows you to switch from Intelligent mode which is for general around the city crusing where as the Sports mode is for.. well, sporty driving! For example, stiffing the suspension.
I’m loving the whole toggle switch set up. It gives you that feeling in being in a plane or a much more expensive car such as the Aventador. And look! something that allows you to change gears manually when you press on a magical third peddle called the clutch! THANK YOU!
Touch screen desktop that allows you to check the car’s performance systems, make phone calls, listen to music, or even see who’s talking s***t about you on FaceBook or Twitter. That actually doesn’t seem to safe now that I think about it..
Traction control buttons and a beautifully milled STI plate directly below it.
Visual aspects aside, we have to remember that this is ONLY a concept car. Thus, actually performance stats, suspension and all the information we really care about is still ‘unknown’.
The only thing that we really do know is that STI is getting ready to make more aftermarket parts and STI-tuned cars will eventually make it to America. Until then, we can only hope the performance aspects matches all the visual aspects. Don’t let us down again Subaru!

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