The Bally Hoo Concept-Ray: Just Let That Name Sink In

The Bally Hoo Concept-Ray: Just Let That Name Sink In

There are many amazing aspects of Tokyo Auto Salon that draws people in from all over the world to the exhibit halls at Makuhari Messe. Being able to see all the big name tuning companies and all their latest projects under one roof is quite the sight to see. Of course, people do come just to take pictures and videos of the girls which.. hey.. if that’s what your into I won’t judge you! However, one of the greatest things about TAS is not only seeing the big name companies and the girls, but seeing the small, unknown shops or people building cars and wanting to show them off to the World for the very first time. The Bally Hoo Concept-Ray is one of those cars.
When I first spotted the Bally Hoo (I’m calling it this for now on) my initial reaction was ‘Holy Crap this thing is crazy looking!’ and ‘ What animal does this car remind me of? *5secs later* OH RIGHT! A MANTA RAY!’ (I was a little slow and didn’t notice the plate calling it a Mantary at first…)
The Bally Hoo is based off a Renault Sports Spider, and has a body made completely out of Carbon fiber which was design and built by one person… Yes, one person.
The rear design at first caught me off guard due to all the slits in the back which I initially thought was designed to let heat dissipate from the Renault engine.
However, the owner tells us that when he was designing the car, he didn’t want a massive spoiler disrupting the body lines of the Bally Hoo. Thus, the slits are actually designed to act as down force. Cleaver!
Carbon Kevlar seats hold the driver and passenger firmly in place. If you look closely, you can see the imperfections around the edges of the seats, giving credence to everything being built by hand which I think is fantastic! It adds character and that sense of originality !
Carbon Fiber steering wheel, dashboard, and center console. Along with a third peddle and shifter for the ultimate driving experience.
The owner told me that he actually has a roof that you can attach and a few other things that still needs to be built before the car can then go on to it’ts next test: That Japanese Government’s Shaken. However, he wanted to get as much of it done before TAS so he could revile it.
So lets consider this a ‘before’ feature for the time being. I promise you will see the Bally Hoo again in the future! I actually want to know more about the car and see it when its fully completed. How about you?

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