Vossen Owner’s Car Meet: Passion. Performance. Precision

Vossen Owner’s Car Meet: Passion. Performance. Precision

Good GOD driving from Tokyo to Chiba was STUPID expensive.. Like.. I don’t even understand how it could cost. .. you know what forget it! Before I go on another tangent rant (I’ll save that for the blog section) lets talk Vossen. For those who don’t know, Vossen is a high-end luxury wheel company based out of Miami, Florida. Recently Vossen Wheels have become hugely popular not only among the luxury car crowd, but also among the VIP crowd, and a variety of different types of cars. So, when we got a chance to catch up with the American team at Tokyo Auto Salon, they kindly asked us to come hang with them at the Vossen Owner’s car meet in Chiba and.. how could we say no?
As the title suggests, Owners from all over Japan, and I mean, ALL over Japan, came out to Harbor City to hang with the America and Japan Vossen team.
We are also really good friends with the Vossen Owner’s Team Status group which also came to the car meet. Sasaki San’s TSX was just one of the many members that came to the car meet.
The VLE-1 work so perfectly well with His TSX. The car perfectly sallows the massive 20″ wheels like its nothing and I absolutely love it! That price tag though… Guess you have to pay to play!
Another one of Vossen Owner’s Team Status Cars: Infinti G37 on CV4 Wheels
10 Spoke Split styling with a hint of European flare to it. I’m a Fan.
Honestly, only in Japan will people buy a Prius, lower it, install CVT Wheels, and change the exhaust.
See what I mean? Tommy Kaira quad tips now grace the back end of the Prius. Oh Japan, once again, how we love you so!
I absolutely love everything with Hikaru Sans A4. I mean, this would be the perfect car to cruise around on the expressways until they charge you 1,000円 for 40 kilometers.. But, that’s a different story (Yeah, I’m still a little salty).
OH, and the VFS Wheels. Can’t forget those!
Kazuya san, also a member of the Vossen Owner’s Team Status brought, his 3 Series to the car meet. Honestly, I think I like the CVT Wheels the most out of the Vossen lineup. The Directional twists of the wheels are truly unique and visually stunning.
The Range Rover Evoque: The Range Rover for the Urban Jungle. Also rocking the CVT Wheels
Mazda has really been stepping their game up recently in the car design department. Now, take a Mazda 6, lower it, and put on some VFS wheels and you’ll have this master piece. I’m really starting to dig the whole ‘Wagon’ thing… Hmmm
Very interesting color choice to paint the CVT’s. What do you think?
Big Body GS ? Why not!
Well, this is something you don’t see everyday in Japan: Pickup trucks laying frame. Usually, the Tacoma has a lift kit and some sort of aggressive tire and wheel setup. Not this one!
So.. When you spot it, you’ll know. And it’s not the wheels. That’s your hint.
So, because we are in Japan, Van culture is huge here! I’m still on the fence about it but I can still appreciate some interesting rides and see what the owners do with all that space they have.
Its crazy to see how much nicer and cooler an Air Runner Suspension Kit and some big VLE-1 Wheels can drastically change the look of this Senna.
Just another great example of the Van culture here in Japan. Would you rock it?
The event didn’t last that long due to the hectic scheduling of the many car events going on that Weekend, but that wasn’t the point. The point was to gather everyone together with the same common interest in wheels (that being Vossen) and honestly just having an appreciation party. It was really cool to see the different clubs such as the Vossen Owner’s Team Status, and the American Vossen Team, and the Japanese Vossen Team working together to show the owners their appreciation. Head to the Video Section to check out our video coverage of the event!

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