The Day The Man Behind The Lens Ended In Front Of One

The Day The Man Behind The Lens Ended In Front Of One

As a professional photographer, I have become use to being the man behind the lens. Usually, unless I’m at a party or some group event, no one really knows exactly who I am or even what I look like. It’s kind of nice being an entity (IE Tokyo Tuner) vs a person.
So you can imagine my surprise when an opportunity arise to be on the other side of the lens and not just for a photo shoot, but for a television show.
A few days before the schedule shoot, I received a message from Yuki-san of Aireal Auto Works. She informed me that the T.V show that they are a grand sponsor for was looking to do a mini episode about photography and how to take great pictures using a cell phone.
That’s when she asked me if I could be their special guest and teach the audience and the T.V shows host, Yasuei Yakushiji, WBC Bantamweight World Champion. So of course the next thing I know, I’m on my way to Nagoya.
To say I was nervous would be an understatement. We really didn’t (or at least I didn’t) have a set plan of action in mind and even on the trip to Nagoya, I could only came up with a few different topics to talk about. I needed to think about basic photography elements that you can take from shooting with a proper camera and transfer that same knowledge to cell phones.
Thus, the only things I could really think about was taking your time and being patient to take your shots, Golden Hour, the times that are the worst to take pictures due to the Sun, and Rule of Thirds using the grid function. The other challenge ironically was I was’t allowed to speak any Japanese. Thus, when Yakushiji-san would ask a question to me in Japanese, I would automatically reply back to the question before Yuki-san could translate the question into English which meant we would have to do that scene over again.. Sorry!
The main subject we would be using during our photography lesson was Aireal Autoworks wide body Mini Cooper. You will see a full feature on this soon! I promise.
With out giving up too much details about this Mini Cooper, the flowers that you see all over the car was hand painted. Yes, hand painted! The attention to detail is incredible!
The T.V crew was very friendly and often played jokes on each other while we waited to set up or discussed the next scene. There was some snow still left over from the previous storm so it found a new home down the videographer’s shirt.
Again, after filming and during the still shots of the Mini Cooper, he couldn’t help put pull out a strands of hair of the videographer.
I was only suppose to pretend to be taking Yuki-san’s picture when Yakushiji-san walked into frame for the intro but what the hell right?
After filming, I was able to get to know Yakushiji-san a lot better. Turn’s out besides being a World Champion, He’s a huge petrohead with a wide varity of customized cars that he was just dying to show me. He has this Lamborghini Diablo that is just nuts!
Eagle eye readers might have spotted something lurking in the shadows inside the garage. That is a beautiful, and batsh*t insane 510. Trust me, That is coming soon too ;)
Overall, it was a fun and unique experience being in front of the lens versus behind it. I was able to go to Nagoya and spend time with some amazing people, old friends and make new ones. Now my famous celebrity count is up to two! I wonder who I’ll meet next ;)
When the TV show airs, we will post a link to the video in the VIDEO section of our site! Thank’s again Yuki-San and Kenji-San for the oppertunity and hosting me in your beautiful home!

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