Aireal Auto Work’s Datsun 510: The Blue Bird Hiding In The Garage

Aireal Auto Work’s Datsun 510: The Blue Bird Hiding In The Garage

Confession time: Before moving to Japan and becoming an automotive photographer, I honestly did not know too much about the older, classic, Japanese cars. Yeah, I knew about the popular models and a few things here and there but that was basically about it. Now, almost two years later, I absolutely love them and can fully understand why so many enthusiasts all over the World love them. Along with a variety of classic cars I’ve had the opportunity to see in person,take pictures, and ride in, the Bluebird for whatever reason has made its way into my heart. The classic body lines and styling. The racing pedigree. It’s an obvious choice for enthusiasts to want to buy a Bluebird. It also makes for an excellent platform for tuners and custom shops such as Aireal Auto Works to try and breath in some new life and try and bring out its up most potential.
So when Yuki-San asked me to come to their shop in Nagoya to be filmed teaching a little about photography to the TV host Yakushiji-San (If your so inclined to read about that experience, you can HERE), I remembered her sending me a picture of a 510 they had hiding somewhere in their shop. The trip to Nagoya was to be a quick one but I knew I had to get that 510 out the garage and have a little fun with it before having to return back to Tokyo.
While the crew was setting up the equipment for the show, I decided to sneak away for a bit and explore this beautiful 510.
From every angle, this car looks absolutely stunning. It has so much presence and character that this car just demands your attention.
I know the whole Liberty Walk / Rocket Bunny /name the other companies overfender craze is still alive and strong, but they look so right on this Bluebird. This is what I mean by when someone breathes some new life into the classic cars.
Not too much that it actually ruins the overall body shape, but something that enhance the classic lines of the car. A modernized classic… or something along the lines of that anyways.
The Integrated Air Runner Air Suspension System has been customized to fit the 510 and allows the car to have that stance killing look while retaining drive ability and performance. Hold on to that thought because we will take another look at the performance in another minute.
The interior is an interesting place to be in with a clash of old and new. Racing seat replace the driver seats but the passenger still has the original seat.
The original gauge cluster has been replaced with digital gauges and a massive TAC is the center of attention. Hmmm
I wonder what THIS switch does?
As I said before, the interior has an interesting clash of old and new and this a prime example of this. I actually like the rustic look of this.
The quick little photo shoot had to go on pause until after filming, but I would be able to bring the car outside and play with it a little bit more in the sunlight afterwards.
Out in the sunlight, the two tone paint job really helps the car shine and the already stunning car looked even more stunning. It also VERY loud!
Some readers might have figured out by now from the massive TAC, the racing seats, and the headlamp missing that the likely hood of the original L-Series engine is no longer under the hood. Take a wild guess what is.
Why nothing other than a SR20 DET Engine of course! But once again, the original turbo that came with the SR20 is no longer boosting this engine.
A somewhat bigger T3/T4 Turbocharager has replaced the smaller T25 turbo that came stock with the motor.
This thing is an absolute monster. When it was time to put the Bluebird back in the garage, Kenji-san and I decided to quickly take it around the block and when I mean quickly… This thing just destroys tires. Forget trying to do a 1st gear pull. Once the T3/T4 is spooled up, it all over.
When we got the light, the entire car was filled with smoke from the tires as if we had entered a burn out competition. Hell, might as well have.
As Kenji-san parked the Bluebird back in the garage, I knew my obsession over this 510 wasn’t over yet. There is so much more of this I want to explore but due to time restraints, I couldn’t. We might have to do a full production film on this one to satisfy my obsession (or buy the car haha). Really though, would we like to see a video on this? I know I would ;)

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