A ‘Mini’ Mini Feature: Aireal Auto Work’s Rinben Mini Cooper

A ‘Mini’ Mini Feature: Aireal Auto Work’s Rinben Mini Cooper

I recently went to Nagoya to be filmed on a TV show talking about photography and giving the host and audiance a few pointers. It was quite the experience that I can’t say I’ve ever had before and if you feel so inclined on reading a little bit more on that experience, you can do so by clicking HERE or checking out the Blog page of the website.
The subject car that we used was none other than this very intersting looking Mini Cooper that Aireal Auto Works had recently completed. We had a little time left after filming, so before I had to head back to Tokyo, I was able to play with this Mini before switching to the 510 with a SR20 DET swap. It was a very busy day to say the least.
Truth be told, I rarely see modified Mini Coopers in Japan. Of course, Liberty Walk did recently build their very own wide body Mini Cooper for Tokyo Auto Salon so I guess there is that.
This Mini Cooper also has a Liberty Walk bolt on over fenders kit which actually looks pretty nice on the Mini’s tiny body and an open drop top.
Equipped with the Integrated Air Runner Air Suspension System, the fitment becomes just right when the car is completely aired out.
It also helps to have some beautiful Seeker CX WORK Wheels to set your car off. However, there is something more unique and special on this Mini. Something that is truly a one off.
By now, you have probably noticed the intricate flower details all over the car and probably wondering why they would wrap their car this way besides #becausejapan. Well, for starters, this Mini is not wrapped. It’s hand painted.
RinBen, a master artist and good friend of Aireal Auto Works, is known for his vivid use of colors and flower patterns in his works. Thus, RinBen got together with Aireal Auto Works and created the paint scheme you see on this Mini. The attention to detail is truly absurd and I can’t even begin to count how many flowers are actually painted on this Mini.
With the top down, the inside is a nice and relaxing place to be. For the most part, the interior has remained factory.
The only thing that has really changed in the interior is the integrated PSI gauges for the Air Runner kit.
Since we were running very short on time and I really wanted to play with the 510, we quickly switched cars out so that I could get more coverage. However, I still wanted to try and at least get a little mini coverage on this Mini Cooper.
RinBen really outdid himself on this paint job and I really wanted to show that to the World. It may not be the fastest or the lowest Mini in Japan, but with that paint scheme, it definitely is the most unique Mini I have ever seen and for that, I say 素晴らしいょ!

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