Hamana’s S8 And Wide Body Golf R With A Hint Of Vossen: The Final Chapter

Hamana’s S8 And Wide Body Golf R With A Hint Of Vossen: The Final Chapter

When Shiono-San and I were making plans to schedule the photo shoot for their Mercedes-Benz Wide Body AMG GTS, he also asked if I was interested in taking pictures of their Audi S8 and Volkswagen Golf R at the same time. I remember seeing both cars at Tokyo Auto Salon earlier this year and they were both stunning looking cars so of course I said yes. Besides, I liked the challenge of arranging and orchestrating 3 cars at the same time. Poor Kawagoe.. It had no idea what was about to happen that early morning.
Lets start with the Golf R: The hot little hatch back for those who liked or wanted the GTI but said ‘hmmmm.. I NEED MORE POWER!’ as Dante’s brother Vergil would say.
This is the perfect little car for driving around the incredibly tight streets of Tokyo. Well, the custom in house wide body kit designed by Hamana doesn’t really help this but it definitely helps in the appearance department.
Truth be told, the looks of the Golf never really did much for me. Even the R version with the styling changes still never made me go ‘Yes, I’ll spend near 40,000USD on that’.
HOWEVER, I can’t deny the fact that with the custom wide body kit installed, its adds JUST enough character and style to make it a cool looking hatch. It adds just enough aggressiveness to the car that you can really tell (and feel) that this is something special. It’s not just a GTI with more power but a ‘R’. Something like that.
See what I mean?
Of course, you can’t have the complete look with out the Vossen Forged LC 105 Wheels.
I think these are one of my favorite wheels from the Vossen lineup. Just like the VPS 305T, I love how it has a directional twist feel to it. Partnered with Hamana’s wide body kit, it really transforms this Golf R. Honestly, all Golf R’s should roll off the production floor looking something like this.
Now lets switch gears to something else German but slightly more expensive than the R. Ok, I lie: A lot more expensive than the R.
The Audi S8 is for the person who demands the top tier in luxury sedans with the power to make objects in your review mirror disappear at an alarming rate considering the size of the car.
The 4.0 liter twin turbocharged V8 engine pushing over 500 hp might have something to deal with it.
Just like the GTS, the S8 looks absolutely stunning. Only little styling changes such as the front lip has really been added to the S8. What this car does very well is show off those beautiful Vossen Wheels.
The VPS wheels have a unique pattern to it that works so well with the massive size of the S8.
The VPS wheels also do a great job of showing off those massive bright red brake calipers.
The interior is everything you would expect from the S8. The Back seat has more than enough room for all 183cm of me to stretch out while having my seat warmed. Quite a nice feature to have currently in Tokyo.
Carbon fiber pieces can be found everywhere in the cabin of the S8.
I mean everywhere….
EVERYWHERE! Not sure why you would really need a carbon fiber design floor mat but hell if you have the money and live in Japan (since it’s currently only an option available here) why not.
Similar to the GTS, a monitor pops up out of the center console which again, with a twist of the knob, allows you to switch between different modes such as comfort, dynamic mode, automatic, etc.
If I had a family and a lot of money, this would be the car I would daily. As a matter of fact, this exact car with the Vossen VPS would be perfect.
The S8 is fairly new to the Hamana lineup, hints why a lot of it still remains stock. However, I’m pretty confident in the near future, Shiono-San and the rest of the team at Hamana will transform this S8 into something truly unique.

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