All That Low X TMK’s Works Daikokufuto Meet: A Night For The Books

All That Low X TMK’s Works Daikokufuto Meet: A Night For The Books

For the short time that I have lived in Tokyo, I would have to say that Daikokufuto Parking is still the epicenter for car meets in Tokyo. For those that don’t know, I’ll give you a little information about Daikokufuto PA (大黒ふ頭PA). Daikokufuto is a truck stop on a little island near Yokohama which back in the day was used as a staging point for illegal racing activities. Now, it’s mostly the meeting point for car enthusiast from all over Japan, hell the World ( with only a few illegal activities). The first time I ever went to Daikokufuto PA was with Dino (Senpai) of Speedhunters almost 2 years ago and from that day, I have been hooked. The only problem with Daikokufuto is that realistically, you can’t get there by public transportation IE: Trains, walking, etc. You could take a taxi in and out of the parking lot but taxis in Tokyo are ridiculously expensive and I can think of a few better ways to spend money than on a taxi fare.
Our good friends at All That LoW told us about this car meet that they were going to hold at Daikokufuto (originally planned at a different location but due to the participation size, had to be changed at the last minute) and we just knew that we had to cover the event. What we didn’t know was how ridiculous things were going to get that night.
Just getting to the parking lot was kind of a mess. Due to the massive amount of cars that gathered that night, we had to wait for about 10 minutes just to enter the parking lot. Truth be told, a 10 minute wait is not that bad when something of this maganitute happens at Daikokufuto.
Right away, you could tell there was a wide variety of cars that came that night. Of course, going with the theme of All That LoW, there was of course a lot of stance and VIP cars.
These pair of SC 430 were probably one of my favorite stance builds of the night. Which is your favorite, the red or white?
Can you tell which one was my favorite?
This was also my other favorite Stance / VIP car from the night: This Toyota Celsior. What made this car so interesting to me was that all the body work and some of the interior work was all done by the owner Hayato-San. I promise, you will get a chance to see more of this Celsior in the future.
SKYLINES!! We all love them dont we? Especially the R34’s!
When I spotted this blue R34, I thought that I had found the nicest one of the meet. Don’t get me wrong, this one is absolutly perfect in every way and is probably an absolute monster
But then I spotted this GT-R and the owner was standing next to it so I could ask a few questions about it. The car has NISMO and MINES badges all over it and that is not just for looks. This owner wasn’t playing around when it came to building the ultimate Godzilla.
I don’t want to give away all of its secrets because we might be able to bring you a full feature on it in the near future but yes, those are R35 brake. That’s all the information you get…for now.
And of course, the Hakosuka. It’s so hard to beat a timeless classic.
Now, this being Japan, you always have to be prepared for some random S**t to happen. It’s what makes Japan Japan. As I was moving through a group of 86’s, one of the owners was more than happy to assist me in taking pictures of her car.
Ayaka-San was standing next to her car when I began taking pictures and immdeditly jumped in the picture to pose with her car, which is totally cool. We began talking and I got to know her a little better. She then asked If I could take more pictures of her with her car and of course I said yes. What she did afterwards baffled me.
She hopped in her car, grabbed her sweater, and then climbed on the roof of her car to pose. ALRIGHT, that’s cool!
She then proceeded to blow my mind by standing on her roof, IN HEELS, to pose and take pictures. The bystanders, along with myself, just gawked in amazement at the level of non f***ks given at this point. Needless to say, we will be doing a full feature with Ayaka-San as well!
Since we are on the subject of non f***ks given, do you recall me saying that there is a few illegal activities that still happen at Daikokufuto? Well, just outside the parking lot area, you could hear the tire screaming of cars drifting back and forth on the make shift street course that they made.
The surrounding areas of Daikokufuto is still pretty famous for this kind of events to happened although it is very rare. Usually, if it does happen, it’s in the very late hours of the night. I guess due to tonight gathering, they decided to make an exception for tonight.
I… honestly don’t know what to call this. It’s not Itasya but… Whatever haha. Does anyone know who this singer is? Bonus points to whoever can tell me who she is!
Mustangs are pretty rare here in Tokyo, so I was actually pretty surprised to see this brand new one at the event.
The military guys came out in large numbers to the event as well. If you didn’t know, ‘Y’ plates represent any branch that serves the US Government: Military, Air Force, etc. Now you know :)
I’m a sucker for fender mirrors. That is all.
Normally, at this point of the night, the police and or parking enforces come and kick everyone out of the parking lot area. This is technically a trucker’s parking lot and the cars usually take up the trucks and buses’ parking spots near the back. However, because everyone wasn’t being too crazy (besides the drifters and a few bosozokus) they only asked the people to relocate from the bus parking and then blocked those parking spaces off.
I still haven’t gotten over my love for Supras. I thought that maybe the bug might have passed by now but nope.
You see what I mean? How could you not love a nicely built Supra?
Or this S13 for that matter? Simple. Clean. Brilliant
This S13 on the other hand, is the opposite. This thing is wild and I love it!
Thoughts?? Yes??
What made this event extra special for us, was a fan reached out to us and told us he and his little son was coming all the way from Germany and wanted to meet us and go to the car event with us. His son loves cars (just like his father) and was just bouncing all over the place looking at the cars, yelling at me in German (which no, I couldn’t understand any of it so his Dad had to translate into English). He was litearly like a kid in a candy shop, but his candy happened to be cars.
He also was a TOTAL chick magnet hahaha.
One of the cars that he ran to was this Dodge Charger… or so I thought it was. The owner quickly told me that in fact, it’s Chaser (which immediately cleared up my confusing of the engine noise when he reved it a few times). When I asked him why the face lift, he simply replied that the Chaser is boring and everyone that has one looks the same. One thing I love about Japan is the owners willingness to be different and do what they want to do and not to please the trolls of the internet.
However… I really don’t know what to say about this. I’m just going to sort this in the ‘Because Japan’ category and keep it pushing.
I still need to learn more about the different styles out there such as Grachan Style, Shakotan, Kyusha Style, Etc. One day I’ll get it right.
As the night dragged on, there is only so much the police would allow before enough was enough. That limit was crossed around 1am when the street drifting got a little out of hand and the parking lot for the most part was still full of cars from the meet. They came down in droves and politely asked everyone to leave. It’s so crazy the vast difference in how the Japanese police handle a situation such as this compared to lets say American police. They literately asked everyone to leave nicely and gave us a time limit to GTFO. In America, the police would have rolled deep with tow trucks and been handing out tickets like its going out of style.

We have to thank All That LoW and TMK’s Work for organizing this massive event. It was definitely one for the books and will probably be one of those Daikokufuto nights that people will talk about for a while.

**PS: Recently, the father of the organization owner of All That LoW passed away. We wanted to make sure we gave you our condolences and know that if you ever need anything, you know we are always there for you!**

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