Tearing Up The Streets of China Town: Daichi-San’s VIP Crown

Tearing Up The Streets of China Town: Daichi-San’s VIP Crown

When I mean tearing up the streets, I LITERATELY mean tearing up the streets. While driving to the shooting locations, I would occasionally glance behind me and watch Daichi-San darting back and forth over man holes, rail road tracks, invisible speed bumps, anything that looked like it would attack the undercarriage of his Toyota Crown. It was a beautiful day and the people walking on the sidewalks couldn’t stop and stare as our convoy headed closer and closer to Yokohama’s China Town.
The combination of this very large, demon camber, family sedan, zig zagging all over the road was more than enough to peak their curiosity and we hadn’t even made it to China Town Yet.
So, your next question and I’m sure a lot of people will have it: WHY on earth would you do this to a car? It’s highly impracticable and the constant *scratttchhhh* as you can’t avoid all the roads micro imperfections can drive someone nuts.
Well, to understand this, we need to take a look into the mind of Daichi-San
Before Daichi-San owned this 2006 Toyota Crown, he owned an S13. The whole drifting scene. Going fast. It was all great fun but for some reason, it just became boring. Daichi-San wanted something a little more… unique.
Something that would cause people to stop and stare and ponder what the hell was that that just drove by. Thus, Daichi-San sold his S13 and looked for the perfect car that would cause this shock and awe. Thus, creating an all black, demon camber, Toyota Crown Athlete was the obvious choice.
Needless to say, Daichi-San accomplished his mission. While shooting in China Town, people from all over would just stop and watch us work, take out their cell phones to take pictures, and ask us questions.
One shop owner stopped working completely to come out and take a picture of the car that had caused chaos in front of her shop. Sorry about that..
Now, lets look at some of the specs of this car.. or rather what I should say is lets look at some of the specs that I can tell you about for the time being. Daichi-San is prepping it for a few car shows and wants the grand reveal to be..well.. grand.
Thus, think of this as a teaser for the time being. I promise you will see a full version article of this Crown when it’s completed.
Of course, everyone wants to know what kind of suspension set up Daichi-San has and of course, for the most part, it’s a secret till the grand reveal. However, We can tell you that it is currently sitting on 326 Power Harmonic Drive Springs (50k F, 36K R) and T-Demand Control Arms with a Camber Angle set to 12.5 Degrees in the Front and 14 Degrees in the Rear… Damn
19″ SSR Professor MS3 are the wheel of choice.
9.5j in the front
10.5j in the rear.
One off full straight exhaust system helps let by standards know that Daichi-San is about to come thru before they even see him zig zagging across lanes. I mean, it’ts not the loudest exhaust note but it definitely lets the 3.5l 2GR-FSE engine sing.
It’s not everyday we get to work with a VIP car for a feautre. Hell, I actually think this is the first one to be honest. However, that is the great thing about Tokyo Tuner.
We will feature anything that peaks our curiosity all while trying to bring in Japan’s culture as well.
With that being said, you WILL see Daichi-San Crown again once it’s completed. Until then, sit back and wait in anticipation!

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