A Day At The Race Tracks: A GTR Built For Two

A Day At The Race Tracks: A GTR Built For Two

It had been a while since the last time I was at a race track and I was dying to get back to one. Being at car events and car meets are great and all, but being at a race track gives you a whole different feeling and experience that you just can’t get at a car meet. The sensation of speed, noise, horse power, aero being used for its engineering purpose. Street cars being turned into time attack monsters where their drivers tend to be just as crazy. It’s quite intoxicating to be honest. So, when an open track day at Fuji Speedway happen to fall on the same day as R34 day (March 4th)..well, lets say I had no choice but to go.
Roaming around outside the pits, the first car I spotted was this R34 GTR with the two drivers prepping it to attack Fuji Speedway’s main circuit.
After talking with the owner a little bit and making sure it would be OK to take pictures while they got ready, he told me a little bit about his car. He’s had this car for quite some time now and meticulously takes car of it while often taking advantage of open track days such as today.
That’s when I quickly spotted “Auto Gallery Yokohama Performance Engineering” stickers plastered all over the car and just knew this wasn’t an ordinary R34 GTR. If your a GTR fanboy and lets face it, most of you are (don’t worry, I’m not judging! I am too) then you already know that the people at Auto Gallery Yokohama Performance Engineering specialize in GT-R’s. I think you see where this is going.
Under the hood, the engine bay was so remarkably clean that it was hard to believe that they were about to go beat on it on Fuji Speedway let alone often tracking this car. I love it!
Of course, the engine has been tuned by the great people at Auto Gallery Yokohama Performance Engineering but really stood out was the fact that instead of keeping the original twin turbo configuration, they opted to go with a single turbo setup. A big one at that..
A Greddy T88 34D may not be the biggest turbo out there, but its more than capable of putting the power figures well over 500+ hp.
Once all the preparations were complete, they took to the main circuit and wow did this thing just haul.
I wanted to wait for them to switch drivers so I could try and talk with them more and set something up for later, but working with a limited time window meant I couldn’t wait around. No matter! It was going to be an action pack day, and what a better way to start than this R34 GTR. For the first car to run into, I already knew it was going to be a good day at the race tracks.

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