Ishii-San’s Evo VII: A Compromising Balance

Ishii-San’s Evo VII: A Compromising Balance

On the quest for speed at Fuji Speedway, right next to the R34 GT-R that we talked about in the previous feature was this beautiful blue EVO VII. The owner was unloading it off his flatbed tow truck while we were talking and taking pictures of the R34, so as soon as we finished up with that car, I knew exactly the next person I wanted to talk to. How lucky!
From a far you just knew this car was a serious about attacking the tracks and trying to get the fastest lap possible that Ishii-San could get.
The Varis EVO VIII Time Attack Version Aero Kit
Carbon fiber canards
Light weight Volk Racing RE30 wheels which allow for large 6 pot AP Racing brake calipers to fit in the front, and 4 pots in the rear
Various carbon fiber parts such as the hood, trunk and that large Voltex Racing Wing for #Maximum Attack .. err I mean for down force to keep Ishii-San and his EVO VII firmly planted on the track.
The engine bay is honestly the first thing that grabbed my attention. Well, ok, the bright blue Time Attack Aero Kit and Voltex wing did but once I got closer and saw the engine bay, a large grin came across my face. Although it isn’t real gold covering the engine bay like the Koenigsegg and old McLaren F1 (lets face it, real gold for your engine bay is F***** expensive) this material does have some heat absorbing properties similar to gold. Either way it is rather cool!
With all this in mind, one would expect that this would be a fully stripped out race car with the sole puropse of attacking the track. Hell, it did arrive on its very own flatbed tow truck so that would be the right assumption to make. However, you know what they say about assumptions! Ishii-San wanted to have a time attack car, but also something that he could drive around and retain some creature comforts such as the radio, backseats,and even the air con.
He did take the backseats out once at the track, but for the most part, the interior is intact. Even the roll cage really doesn’t interfere with passanger comfort… That Much
So, did Ishii-San strike the perfect balance between track and daily use? I would have to say yes. I mean, this is the third engine this EVO VII has had and well into a 150,000 km traveled. If that doesn’t speak volume then I really don’t know what will.
Unfortunately, he was driving on a different track that day which meant we weren’t able to get pictures of him driving around and by the time we caught back up with Ishii-San, he was already loading his EVO VII back on the flatbed tow truck and getting ready to head home. No matter! Another day, we will catch up!

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