Fuji Speedway and R34 Day: The Perfect Two Hit Combo

Fuji Speedway and R34 Day: The Perfect Two Hit Combo

Well.. things have been getting pretty chaotic here for me the past few days. Thus, let me start off by apologizing for the delay in getting this article out. I promise you the wait was well worth it!
It had been a while since the last time I went to Fuji Speedway for an event or race day and the desire to go back was growing with every passing day. Thus, when I found out that there was going to be an open track day for R35’s, I figured this would be a good way to satisfy that desire
As I made my way up to the pits, you could see people getting ready to go out and attack the tracks. I was able to talk a little with the owners of this R34 GTR while the were going over the final checks.
Same goes with Ishii-San and his beautiful EVO VII.
This being just an open track day and not really a Time Attack event such as the ones at Tsukuba Circuit, I was basically free to roam around, talk with some of the drivers and take pictures without having to worry about large crowds of people getting in way.
I honestly don’t mind when there are a lot of people in the area. It can add a different dimension to your shot if you can time it correctly or actually get the audience involved. However, being able to just play around and be as creative as possible is also a nice feeling.
Once the drivers were prepared, they would go out in groups and hit the tracks for 15 min sessions. This being based around being an R35 event, you can guess what a lot of the cars on the track looked like.
Teams from Super GT Racing series brought their cars out for some basic test and tune, and to get the drivers some seat time.
Super GT will start at the beginning of next month so teams are taking full advantage of these open track days to try and have their cars ready for the first race.
Just because the event was centered around R35 doesn’t mean that only R35’s were attacking Fuji Speedway. Other race teams were also taking advantage of this open track day for testing and tuning their machines as well. I remember seeing a Radical at Tokyo Motor Show this year and was pretty cool to be able to see it in action. Spoiler alert: it’s dumb fast.
Can you believe that this is a Prius? I mean.. Yes I know that the cars only has to ‘resemble’ their road going counter part but do you really see any Prius left in this thing? I’m not gonna lie though, it was exciting to watch this thing take off on pit road. For the first 100 yards or so, it would drive off using only the electric motors. Then, the engine would spring to life and the cars full potential would be released. Basically, think of this as a P1 or 918.
Gulf Racing Super GT 300 Team was also doing a shake down on their Porsche 911 GT3R and found time to work in a little interview discussing their plans for the 2016 season
After the first session, I decided to take a look around the pits again and see what I could find before heading up towards the drift section where the second event of the day would be held.
Its always great to see the some of Nissan’s Heritage racing cars out attacking Fuji Speedway. It’s even better when you can catch the driver meticulously going over every detail making sure his car is running properly.
Sometimes there is nothing like looking at ITB’s and a good old Carburetor engine to put a smile on your face.
I have seen this Sunny before at the NISMO festival a little while back but I was pretty excited to see it again alone in the pits. Simply waiting for its turn to go out.
TOKYO_TUNER_FUJI_SPEEDWAY_DATSUN_S30_240zRoaming around the pits, I spotted this S30 in the distance and quickly decided to see why it was parked away from the other cars that were driving on the track.
This has been stripped and turned into a track going monster. Only the basic functions deemed necessary remain on the dashboard and those remaining have been turned into toggle switches. Take a look at the windshield wiper for instants! I guess simple is better!
It was around this time when the owner walked over and explained to me why the car was parked away from all the action. Earlier that morning, a connecting rode decided that it had enough and well… lets just say there was a nice size oil puddle underneath the car.
There was only so many cars racing on the track that day so after a while I felt that it was a good time to explore the other event that was going on just up the hill.
If you haven’t guess from the title of this article, this day also just so happened to be R34 day (3/4). I have literately never seen this many Skylines at one place in my entire life.
I think this parking lot would be what a lot of GTR fan boys dream about when they come to Japan. Well.. not even to this degree because as I said before, I have never seen this many at one place and at one time.
In the sea of Skylines, you could see just a wide variety of cars ranging from completely stock to fully customized GTR monsters.
I don’t even know how one goes about talking about so many Skylines and GTRS… So I’m just going to let the pictures do the talking. Here are a few of my favorites from the car meet!
This GTR looks so aggresive and I was digging the two tone carbon fiber and silver combination. The Volks TE37 are always a nice touch as well
However, for aggresive points, this one wins. A little lower for stance points but which one do you think did it best?
Or maybe even this two tone carbon fiber and white GTR? I feel like this one was built more with speed or track racing in mind than the other two. Don’t get me wrong, they probably all are monsters and more than fast enough but I kind of like this one more in regards for driving around a circuit. I wish I could have meet the owners to set something up for later or get more information about the car..
You know what they say about 4 doors. 4 doors for more …….
What are your thoughts on this one? Is the blue Volks and carbon fiber quarter panels too much?
With the event starting to come to a close, it seemed like the perfect time to start making our way back to Tokyo. I had been longing to go to Fuji Speedway for a while and this time around, it didn’t let me down. Truth be told, this might have been the best trip to Fuji Speedway to date. It’s going to be pretty hard to top this trip but don’t worry, I will try ;) For you, the reader of course!

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