Track and Show 2016: Now You Can Have Both

Track and Show 2016: Now You Can Have Both

I remember it as if it was yesterday: Heading to Fuji Speedway to check out this meet hosted by The Check Shop. The goal was to try and appeal to both sides of the car world. For those who like speed, performance, function, this event is for you. For those who like stance, breaking necks, ‘parking lot heros’ (I don’t know if that is a coined phrase yet because if not dibs!), then this is also the event for you! In fact, you can check out our coverage of the event last year.

If you happen to be in the Tokyo area, you may want to check this car event out!

Location: Fuji Speedway, Japan (Click here to see more information about the event) *Note, the site is in Japanese but can be translated!*
Date: 4/2/2016
Time: 9:00 – 16:00
Price: 1,000 円 entrance fee to Fuji Speedway (All the other prices are for if you are participating in the events / wanting some track time)

We will be there hanging out with friends while getting media coverage so feel free to flag us down and say hey!

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