All Carbon Toyota Soarer: The Obsession Of Speed

All Carbon Toyota Soarer: The Obsession Of Speed

What happens when you let your desires take over your life? What happens when you let your desires become your obsession? For those who drive at Tsukuba Circuit, there is only one desire: The desire to set a record lap. The obsession of figuring out how you can shave off a few milliseconds and beat your personal record. If any kind of obsession could take a physical form, it would have to be AutoBahn all Carbon Toyota Soarer
When we mean all carbon, we literally mean all carbon.
Everything has been modified or changed with the sole purpose of keeping the car firmly planted, and getting around the track as quickly as possible. The aero package has all but dramatically altered the big Soarer’s exterior appearance such as the massive rear wing, large extension trunk lid, and front splitter that extends about a foot.
Aero package is good and all, but if you really want to set records, you’re going to need more than just light weight and down force. Your going to need something in the ‘power’ department.
I couldn’t begin to tell you how many times this engine has been overhauled, but its current setup is quite amazing. The top is a 1JZ where as the block comes complement of a 2JZ. Combined this with the Garrett-based GCG turbocharger and well.. you can guess what kind of power figures this thing has.
The interior is all business just like the exterior. Nothing remains of the original interior and the only thing that remains is a custom carbon fiber dash featuring MoTec digital dash display, bride racing seats, and the leaver that allows you to control the sequential transmission.
See what I mean? I found this strangely out of place but it definitely goes with the whole minimalist theme.
The owner has had the car for well over 12 years and is planning on making it faster. That’s the thing about obsessions: You can never stop. Currently, the Soarer is running 54 seconds but the overall goal is to run the circuit in 52 seconds. Lets see what happens when he hits this goal. Will he be satisfied? Or will a new obsession be born.

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