The Language of Speed: D Language’s Suzuki Swift

The Language of Speed: D Language’s Suzuki Swift

While I was roaming around the paddocks at Tsukuba Circuit, I found D Language’s ZC31S and thought to myself ‘why the hell would anyone make a track car out of a Suzuki Swift?’ Now hear me out on my ignorance! The Swift isn’t imported to America and if you really are not doing your homework or big on the track scene, you will rarely see anything about the Swift. I’ve seen them around the Tokyo area but of course in stock form. I just didn’t think anyone would really be interested in tuning a Swift. The D Language team decided to educated me that day.
Just from all the carbon fiber aero work, you could easily tell this little Swift meant business. Massive front splitter, extended side skirts, large rear diffuser, wide wheel arches to house the 295/30 Yokohama Advan tires, and that massive rear spoiler.
The spoiler is nothing short of a work of art. Due to the odd shape of the hatch, the spoiler requires extra support to keep it properly attached to the car while traveling at high speeds.
Speaking of high speeds, I released this picture a little while ago as a teaser, and many of you couldn’t guess what it was (It’s ok! Before I most likely couldn’t either). However, you could guess that in the engine department, something special hid underneath the hood.
Let me introduce to you to the high-revving 1.6L four-cylinder engine. Yes, you read that correctly: 1.6L four-cylinder. Outputting around 120 HP stock, D Language knew that the 120 HP wouldn’t be good enough for a time attacking car even for the small course like Tsukuba. Thus, after replacing.. well…almost everything and adding a decent size turbocharger, it’s now outputting around 350 WHP… Almost 3x the amount while weighing a little more than 1,000kg. Hmmmmm
What all this translates to is a TC 2000 Swift Challenge Championship, and a record holding time of 57.3″. To give you some perspective, the all carbon fiber Toyota Soarer we featured recently is currently running 54″ and has close to 1,000WHP. Talk about power to weight ratio.
Taking a look at the interior, nothing remains as one would expect.
One RaceTech seat for the driver
And a center console with a digital read out and my favorite feature of the entire car: a button for low boost and a toggle switch for hi boost. It’s like it’s asking the driver ‘are you sure your ready for this?’
The staff also wanted to show me the in house custom dampers. A proper suspension setup is just as important as aero kit and power when wanting to shave milliseconds off your track time.
It’s unfortunate that they were only using the car as a DEMO piece at the event that day, but one could imagine how epic this thing is blasting around the track. It’s no easy task holding the fastest lap record in a class, however D Language seems to make it look easy. Moral of the story: Never judge a book by its cover. Or in this case, never underestimate a Suzuki Swift. My sincere apologizes!

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